Live Free Golf Tour will be basically played under standard USGA rules with slight deviations in order to level the playing field and keep our groups moving

  • All contestants will be playing from the same designated tees.
  • Players have the option of walking or riding. (Subject to change per course agreement)
  • All players and scores will be based of the handicap provided to them.
  • It is Preferred that all members have an active GHIN handicap. However it is not mandatory and handicaps can be assigned prior to tournament on past results. A small fee will be added per event for not having a GHIN handicap
  • Any ball that is hit OB off the tee will be dropped 2 club lengths from where it last crossed or anywhere on the line that it went in on no closer to the hole playing your third shot (No player will hit 3 off a tee box to keep the game moving)
  • All players will be required to keep your own as well as one other playing partners scores throughout the round. 
  • Participants will have 2 minutes to look for a ball that is in a wooded area. While he is looking for his ball other players should play their next shot. If all other players hit and you have still not located your ball you must drop. (please do your best to have an identifying mark on the ball or at least let your opponent know what ball you are playing throughout the round)
  • If any tee shot deemed to be in play by all 3 other contestants but is not able to be found you may drop a ball in the area agreed upon by other players without penalty and continue.
  • If a ball in the fairway lands into a divot you may move the ball 6″ no closer to the hole. Otherwise the ball is always to be played as it lies.
  • A ball may always be cleaned off if there is visible mud or debris on the ball and placed back into its original spot.
  • Debris around the ball, leaves, rocks, sticks, or anything that is around the ball may be moved without penalty whether the ball moves slightly or not. lets keep our clubs in good shape.
  • if a ball ends up in a well rooted area the player may move his ball up to 6″ to avoid possible contact with the roots.
  • Any stroke that is made with the intent of hitting the ball will be counted. 
  • If a ball is in a wet area, cart path, or any kind of ground that is not similar to other around it your ball may be moved to a dry area no closer to the hole and played. On a cart path you may get relief on the side of the cart path that the ball is on. (Neareast grass area)
  • If a ball lands in a bunker with standing water the ball will be moved to any dry spot of the bunker that the player can get a stance and swing on the ball. If there is no dry area in the bunker the ball will be dropped on the grass no closer to the hole.
  • After a players 3rd putt, he may pick up. Prior to the 4th putt ALL putts must be made.
  • Max score on any hole for any player is 10
  • Any player found to be cheating will have his integrity questioned and be shamed by the rest of the tour. 
    (We all want to win, but lets make sure this is fun and fair)
  • Common sense rule: Just use common sense when any situation arises. please try to have 2 other playing partners agree with a ruling and move on.
  • I am going to do my best to pair players with similar leveled players but there could be  times a low handicap is playing with a higher handicap. Please be considerate, give pointers and tips on etiquette and proper play and please do your best not to get upset with others ability levels or styles of play.
  • please do your best to keep up with the group in front of you. With the handicaps every shot is important and should be treated as such but do your part to keep the game moving. Preferably play ready golf up until balls are around the green and then play from furthest out.
  • All gps, phones, rangefinders, or anything you want to use may be used to help gain information.
  • In the playoffs a player who is in the top 10 may be eligible to play prior to the day of the event if they are not able to make it to the scheduled event as long as they have a good history of attendance and plays with a fellow participant that is approved by the commissioner and board members, also must give 10+ days of notice that they will not able to make the event.