Tour Details


  • Maine & NH Tour Events

    • Golfers compete in their respective states for points (crossover events allowed, see below)

    • Events played at 80% Handicap unless otherwise stated

    • Multiple regular season events in each state

    • Golfers do NOT need to compete in all events, play in 1, play in 10

    • If a golfer plays in 6 or more events only the top 5 events will count

    • LFG is able to provide golfers with a proper GHIN account to establish a handicap >>get a GHIN<<

  • Crossover Events

    • Golfers can compete in out of state events but may not accumulate more than 100 points total in those events

  • Colony Cup (October)

    • Top 16 from each state compete in a 45 hole multiple format battle

    • Must be a member to compete >> See Membership