Live Free Golf Tour >> RULES <<

  1. All Men will play from the same designated tee. Exceptions can be made if agreed upon. All Women from the Women’s Tee.
  2. All players will play at percentage of their course or GHIN handicap.
  3. It is preferred that all members have an active GHIN handicap. However, a player without a GHIN will be able to play at an approximated GHIN. (The committee has the ability to change a players unofficial handicap after a round depending on results)

Out of Bounds/Lost Ball & Hazard/Penalty Areas

  1. White Stakes.  We at Live Free Golf are not Pros, neither are you.  We will be playing all White OB Stakes as a MANDATORY Lateral Drop for a 1 stroke penalty.  You may NOT play the ball as it lies but you may take the drop as if you were taking a Red Stake Lateral Drop for 1 stroke penalty.  2 club lengths from estimated point of entry.
  2. Red/Yellow Staked Hazards are now played exactly the same options with one exception for Red Stakes (2 club lengths from point of entry). Each option incurs a 1 stroke penalty.  You may also play the ball as it lies if you find it.See Rules Video Red/Yellow Stake Penalty Rule 5a. No Stakes but clearly defined trouble areas/hazards, mainly wood lines and water may be played as a Red Stake Penalty areas.  Always ask the group consensus if this situation occurs.
  3. Unplayable Rule - See Rule Video Unplayable Rule


  1. We ask that all groups keep 1 official scorecard and 1 or 2 non-official scorecards and confirm all scores at the end of the round.
  2. Golfers will have 3 minutes to look for their ball. All other players should play their shots in order to keep Pace of Play.  Please have identifying marks on your ball and let your group know.  

Amended or Additional Rules, ‘cause we ain’t Pros

  1. The ball will be played up in your own fairways. The ball shall be placed no more than a scorecards distance away from original spot.
  2. Mud Ball. This would apply in the rough, with a group consensus a ball can be deemed to have excessive mud.  The ball would be cleaned and dropped (not placed) as close to the original spot as possible.    
  3. Unlikely Lie Relief (Ground Under Repair not marked). If and only if, the group consensus is that your ball ended up in an unlikely lie then you may take a free drop. Extended Cart Path (dirt that should be grass but carts have driven on it), non-grass area (a wet/mud patch surrounded by 99% rough), standing water rule always applies (pooling water at feet).
  4. Cart Path Relief can be taken on either side of the Cart Path one club length off the Cart Path but no closer to the hole.
  5. Preferred lie in bunkers will be stated prior to the Tournamant. In a situation where a player has an abnormal lie, the player may rake and place the ball with the groups permission.
  6. Max score on any hole for any player is 5 over par  3=8, 4=9. 5=10
  7. After a players 3rd missed Putt from the same Green he may pick up and add 1 stroke. 
  8. FALL GOLF RULE/PLUGGING RULE – When there are Leaves or it is Wet out, all players need to pay attention to each other’s shots. If the group agrees that a shot was in play but not found because Leaves or Plug then the player may take a free drop in an area agreed upon by the group.
  9. Common sense rule: Just use common sense when any situation arises. Please try to have 2 other playing partners agree with a ruling and move on.
  10. Play Ready Golf!
  11. All gps, phones, rangefinders, or anything you want to use may be used to help gain information.
  12. Players who may miss an event are able play prior to the day of the event if they are not able to make it to the scheduled event as long as they have a good history of attendance and play with a fellow League member (The league members score will not count) that is approved by the commissioner and board members, also must give 10+ days of notice that they will not able to make the event.