LFG Match Play tournament

This season long match play will consist of either 16, 24 or 32 players depending on number of entries. All matches will have 1 month window to get your match in at a location and time agreed upon between the 2 players playing.





  1. Klein
  2. R. Dichard
  3. Lawrence
  4. Meisel
  5. Brennick
  6. Collins
  7. Hatem
  8. Darelius
  9. Gagne
  10. Theriault
  11. Wirbal
  12. Friend
  13. Parziale
  14. Christian
  15. Graham
  16. Paul * (available closer to 6/15)
  17. Levenson  
  18. Morin
  19. Papadinis $
  20. Lefort $
  21. Gibson II
  22. Gallo $
  23. B. Galloway 
  24. J. Tokanel
  25. Blair 
  26. Dutilley $
  27. Shaw
  28. Michailides 
  29. Dafonte 
  30. Roxas 
  31. Judson 
  32. Davis 


Parziale vs morin
judson vs blair
paul vs shaw
wirbal vs Gagne
Papadinis vs Meisel
Christian vs Roxas
Gallo vs Davis
J. Toke vs Gibson II

Levenson vs dichard
Klein vs Dafonte
Theriault vs Brennick
Graham vs Friend
Hatem vs Darelius
Collins vs Lefort
Galloway vs Michailides 
Lawrence vs Dutilley

  • All matches will be played using 75% of the current players handicap.(rounded accordingly) EXAMPLE: Player A cap is 15.4 (.75) = 11.55 he will play as a 12- Player B is a 30 (.75) = 22.5 he will play as a 23 Player A will give Player B 11 Strokes (1 stoke on the 11 hardest holes)
  • all strokes will be based off the lowest handicap (example, PLAYER A IS A 12, PLAYER B IS AN18 = PLAYER B WILL GET 1 STROKE ON THE 6 HARDEST HOLES)
  • all matches are required to be 18 holes 
  • the quarter finals, semi finals and finals will be played at the pre determined locations. (Preferably together if we can make it work)
  • All matches will be played using LFG Rules
  • Please have the availability to be able to schedule matches-Not fair giving opponent only 1 or 2 dates of possibilities.

Tie breaker procedures

  1. If extra holes can not be played go to the putting green for a Putt / Chip off
  2. Player with biggest lead throughout the match will be determined the winner
  3. Last player with the lead will be determined the winner 
  4. Also any group can decide on whatever they choose for a tie breaker as long as both players agree
Schedule (Based on 32 players)
round 1 May 15th-June 15th
Round 2 June 16th-July 15th
Quarter finals July 16th-August 15th
Semi Finals August 16th-Sept 15th
Finals/Consolation match Sept 15th-October 15th. 
Tournament could be expedited after we get beyond round 2 and less players are involved. As soon as matches are set, players may play those matches.


Cost for tournament entry will be $25 
All Green fees/Cart fees are the responsibility of the players
Champion $225 + Championship Trophy
Runner up $125
3rd Place $50
4th Place $50

*if you need contact info for your opponent please let me know, but most are on our FB page and I do have emails for everyone if needed*