How cold is too cold to Golf

5832185f7edd5.imageIt’s that time of the year when most of us monitor the weather throughout the week hoping to catch one final round in between the frost delays at the courses and the limited daylight. Currently in this area we have approximately a 6 hour window of daylight to get a round in. Now I am a golf psycho like most of us are, and am willing to pretty much play in anything. Maybe not quite in this time of year as I am come February when most of us have some new weapons we have gotten for Christmas and can’t wait to get out and swing the new sticks.

With that being said, I think the most important part of playing in the cold weather is how windy it is. Most of us can bundle up and play in 40 degree weather with no wind. You give us wind with 40 degree weather and there is a very limited chance I am playing unless it’s a gorgeous course, and free. Another big variable is that if you are going to play in cold weather, the appropriate move is to walk to keep your blood flowing and keep the body warm.

My final conclusion is that the anything above 40 degrees with limited wind is fine. With wind I would want roughly high 40’s and low 50’s. 

In the meantime, go enjoy the simulators for the next 4 months. 

Jeff Maggert Holes out from 123 yards out on 3rd playoff hole to win Charles Schwab Championship

2 Shocking events happened almost simultaneously tonight. The Dolphins won and Maggert holed out from 123 yards to claim victory today in the Charles Schwab Finale.


LFG Announces 2020 Season Schedule dates

download (26).jpeg

Just like that 2019 is in the books, Congratulations again to Eric White and Jamie Ahlgren on winning the 2019 Season Long championships. Well earned by both and they truly did Shoot their best throughout the year. 

That being said, it is never too early to turn the page and prepare for the upcoming season that will be here before we know it. We plan on having a full summer of golf options for all our players next year that has bigger turnouts, bigger prizes and more fun! We know the first step to having bigger turnouts is making sure that all players have plenty of notice so with that, here is our 2020 Season dates. 

*Keep and eye out for winter events, as we are working on Getting some fun simulator events.


Regular Season:

Sunday April 19th: NH and Mass combined opener

Sunday April 26th:

Saturday May 9th:

Sunday June 7th:

Sunday June 28th:

Sunday July 11th/12th: LFG WEEKEND TRIP

Sunday July 26th:

August 8th/9th: LFG NH 2 DAY EVENT


Sunday August 23rd:

Sunday September 13th:

Sunday September 27th: LFG Championship

Live Free Golf New Hampshire vs Massachusetts Live Free Cup event

October 17th/18th:


Regular Season:

Sunday April 19th :  NH & Mass combined Season Opener

Sunday May 3rd : 

Sunday May 17th : 

Sunday June 14h : Major Event  

Sunday June 28th:

July 11th/12th: LFG WEEKEND

Sunday August 2nd : Major Event 

Sunday August 9th:

Sunday August 23rd: 


Sunday September 13th:

Sunday September 27th: LFG Championship

Live Free Golf Ryder Cup – Massachusetts vs. New Hampshire

October 17th,18th (Saturday and Sunday) in Massachusetts

Both Schedules are now up on the website under the States individual drop down menus. We look forward to another exciting year and if you want to join us. Click on the link to become a member!


Tigers going for 82

Huge night tonight for Tiger as with the Monday Finish we will get a Sunday night finish here in the states to watch Tiger try to go for his 82nd career win in the land of the rising sun. 

Matt Every Suspended 12 weeks for smoking the dope


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Matt Every was suspended for 12 weeks Friday for what the PGA Tour said was a violation of its conduct policy on drugs of abuse. Every said it was legal prescription for cannabis to treat mental health. 

“To be clear, I tested positive for cannabis, a drug I do not abuse and a drug that I have a legal prescription for in the state of Florida,” Every said in a statement.

It is absolutely ridiculous that the World Anti Doping Agency claims that Marijuana is a performance enhancing drug. There is no proof that it helps you at all, there is a chance it may help your focus during the round, but I would be willing Matt Every isn’t smoking a J while out there in front of thousands of fans watching him although I guess it is very possible hes eating some edibles. Either way just insane to suspend someone 12 weeks for something that is now legal in most areas. 

Cardinals Pitching coach Mike Maddux records 2 hole in ones during same round. Meanwhile his pitchers look lost on the bump.


Have a day Mikey!! What an incredible accomplishment. Obviously many of the comments were about how he should have been doing something else on Monday afternoon, like perhaps watching film or something. There was just no way that they were going to send a pitcher out there Monday who were going to slow down this nationals team of Dynasty. So the only other option is to go out and record 2 hole in ones on way to an even par 72. 

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