Brendan Steele makes casual albatross at Mayakoba

Nice shot, and one of the most casual reactions to it as possible. These are the times it would be nice to have fans.

64 year old Fred Funk, who drives the ball less than 240 yards making the cut in Bermuda is insane.

Damn impressive story out of Bermuda this week as with a chip in on hole 18 yesterday Fred was able to secure his spot for the weekend. He has now made the cut in 5 decades on the tour. He is only the 4th player since 1970 Joining Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, and Tom Watson to make a cut at or above the age of 64. Fred also only averaged 235 yards off the tee with heavy winds throughout the week. Although he shot +4 yesterday and currently stands at +3 going into Sunday. It’s still real fun to root for the old guy.

Golf snobs are pissed that Tyrell Hatton wore a hoodie this weekend on way to victory

This past weekend Tyrell Hatton won the BMW Championship this past weekend and you guys wont believe this…but he wore a hoodie! The nerve of this guy. Anyways, Golf elitist are outraged that any player would wear a hoodie as obviously its not the proper golf etiquette.

I for one, love that look. I think it looks stylish enough to be acceptable on the golf course. We all in the northeast play in some rough conditions, obviously many of us have worn winter hats before and I am sure quite a few of us have worn hoodies throughout a round as well. To me, golf is an athletic game and you need to be comfortable to play well. If that means rocking a hoodie that looks nice then so be it.

English Club Wearside Golf club does not agree though and made sure to send out a reminder to its players.

“Dress Code

In light of Tyrell Hattons recent success and fashion statement and following discussions on this, can I draw your attention to the Clubs dress code and re emphasise that “hoodies” are not acceptable golf attire for Wearside Golf Club, no more so in fact than designer ripped jeans. ??
I hope this avoids any unnecessary misunderstandings on this subject.”

This place looks real enjoyable to be a member at….

Martin Laird holes out ridiculous bunker shot

What an incredible shot here from good ol Marty, Ball is absolutely plugged and up against the edge of the bunker. Just hit an explosion shot and hope for the best. Laird went -7 on the 9th hole over the 4 days with 3 eagles and a birdie.

Kentucky golfer blows 5 shot lead on final 2 holes, including playing wrong ball on the 18th

Wild scene at the Blessings invitational. Some dude Goff who doubled 17, was in the bunker on 18 with 4 other balls. he played the wrong ball out of the fairway bunker on 18 leading to a triple. Tennessee player Hunter Wolcott who has 6 down with just 2 left was shocked to find out he was tied on 18. With a par on 18, the tie breaker is low player on the most recent round.

update, I posted this too early, Wolcott missed a 2 footer for the win and Goff held on to victory. Crazy ending.

LFG Maine Recap

Unreal that we have not entered out 3rd State with this little league of ours, but here we are. LFG Maine made its dramatic entrance into the LFG world yesterday with an a great event held at The Links at Outlook in Berwick. There were some good scores out there as Kyle Bennett shot one of his best rounds right out the gate with a 77/65 on his way to victory. Dylan O’neil who was playing as a +1 handicap shot a 73 to take home low gross honors, great round. (Not to mention he shot a 68 in the morning at the ledges)

Congratulations to Jamie Arnold and Sara Feehan who both shot +2 and were some of LFG’S first females to almost take home top honors. Good playing ladies!

Chris Roussin was the low NH Guy as he shot a 79/73 to finish at +2. He continues to strike the ball well as we head into the colony cup and will be a force to reckon with down in Mass.

Rumor has it is that our boys from the North will be looking to hold one more event, possibly the weekend of October 24th keep an eye out and come join us if your free and let’s get Maine rolling!

LFG Golf and Ski Championship Odds

  • Chris Hatem 15-1
  • Jeremy Papadinis 17-1
  • Matt Saia 18-1
  • Chad Lawrence 14-1
  • Chris Roussin 16-1
  • John Theriault 18-1
  • Corey Hayes 13-1
  • Jim Tokanel 12-1
  • Ben Edwards 17-1
  • Eric White 16-1
  • Joshua Klein 17-1
  • Ethan Hurley 20-1
  • Tom Gibson 18-1
  • Dwayne Davis 19-1
  • Wilson Mungere 14-1
  • Todd Anderson 18-1
  • Tim Meisel 11-1 (Kids got new irons)
  • Scott Sheehan 12-1
  • Robert Wenrich 18-1
  • Mark Trembley 20-1
  • Rich Roussin 19-1
  • Pat Blair 17-1
  • Connor Shaw 16-1
  • Rob Tokanel 13-1
  • Joe Forbush 22-1
  • Billy Williams 23-1
  • John Morin 22-1
  • Dan Goodwin 17-1
  • Craig Bourgeois 23-1
  • Scott Smith 21-1

Due to it being the championship, the president has decided not to jinx anyone. Goodluck everyone.

Golf and Ski offers up a bunch of gift cards for our season long winners because they are awesome

I know most of you know and we have been discussing that our top 10 season long players will be getting gift cards provided to us by Golf and Ski. They have been great for us all year and love what we do. We are also in the process of working with them to offer all our members certain discounts of items for all those who shop there, and possibly deals on the range as well. We can all go try to hit those stupid Amazon buildings if that actually goes through. Once Again a special thanks to Golf and Ski and with winter coming it’s a great spot to look for that new gear throughout the winter.

Here are the gift card amounts for our top 10 season long players.

  • 10. $25
  • 9. $25
  • 8. $25
  • 7. $25
  • 6. $25
  • 5. $50
  • 4. $50
  • 3. $75
  • 2. $75
  • 1. $125

Thanks again Golf and Ski and lets go win some prizes this weekend fellas!

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