Why would the PGA Tour not have golf on today


We have been very fortunate in the northeast to have a tradition unlike any other. That Tradition was the Deutche Bank championships held at TPC Boston every year over the Labor Holiday weekend. It was our real finish to the summer. Now with the schedule change the PGA has gone through not only do we lose our Boston tourney every other year, but we also have no golf on Labor day weekend. The Friday to Monday tournaments have always been one of my favorite. Today, with the weather being less than ideal for cookouts and real outdoor activity would have been a great day to at least have some golf on. I get that over the weekend the viewership may be down. I really do believe that if you would have your championship on Labor Day Monday, it could turn into a tradition 5% as big as Super Bowl Sunday which means you would be doing quite well for yourself. Just something to think about. 




Fans hurt at Tour Championship after lightning strike



Several fans were injured during todays 3rd round in Atlanta at East Lake CC After a lightning strike. Let’s hope everyones okay. This video is something else and my oh my, let’s respect mother nature. 

The Stonebridge Playoff Preview


What a season it has been to date. We have seen almost 60 different players come through the league this year and we are now down to our final 2 events with just a few remaining at the end to become the 2019 Live Free Golf Season Preview. Whats on the line, other than this absolute gem of a trophy that will have your name etched in it till the end of time, or we get a new plaque, also the winner will receive a custom 2019 LFG Season Champion bag, Free Membership card for the following season and some other cool things yet to be decided. 

Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 8.58.55 AM

The Champs golf bag, will look like a golf bag. 



Throughout the year, we have had few players per event who are able to shoot under par and those who did finished well. At our last event played at Stonebridge this year which was won by Eric White who fired a -5 67 had 10 different players who were able to shoot under par. Eric White looks to be in good shape as he enters this event. Last time out, Eric played lights out and fired a Gross 86, when he is playing his game Eric can be a solid golfer who will find fairways, get near greens and has a more than good enough short game to get up and down for pars. Ben Edwards who actually tied for first and lost in a card off shot a very nice 87 himself last time out at “The bridge” His handicap has stayed the same throughout the year and if Ben can go out and shoot another 87 will again find himself in contention to take down tomorrows event. 

Some other notable scores from the last event at Stonebridge was Chuck Hobbs who shot a -4, Scott Smith and Rich Roussin who each finished at -3, Scotty Sheehan firing a -2, and Dwayne Davis at -1. These guys all have the ability to put the round together tomorrow and take down the title tomorrow. Anyone who is in the top 12 of the standings currently, and with a win tomorrow will for sure put themselves in position to win the season long title with a great finish at our championship to be played at Atkinson on Sept 8th. 

I’ve got to be honest, I have sucked this year and my handicap is showing it but I am getting 16 strokes tomorrow and If I don’t have a strong finish I may debate quitting the game but that’s a story for another day. Am I my Favorite? maybe. Could I 3 putt 7 holes? Absolutely. We will just have to wait to see what happens. 

Corey Hartson, who somehow shot an 81 at our last event. To the amazement of so many, who just could not fathom how somehow who is normally such a mediocre to poor player, could go out, hit like 25 putts for the round when his average is 45+ and eagle a daunting 18th hole to coast to a victory. Hartson will look to catch lightning in a bottle again tomorrow and make one of the best comebacks in LFG history has he moved up from 24th to 13th last event and with another win will move up into the top 5. Stonebridge does set up well for Corey who has the back of an 83 year old man but still manages to the be one of the longer hitters on tour. 

I have a feeling that something in the area of -7 or so is going to win tomorrow, the course is in absolutely great shape and the greens will be getting aerated on Monday which means we will be basically playing on the greens in the best shape they can be in. I was able to get a round in last weekend and can verify that the course is in great shape. 

My Favorite: Tom Boland 91/65

Rest of the Odds to win: 

  • Eric White 3/1
  • Scott Sheehan 3/1
  • Ben Edwards 5/1
  • Corey Hartson 5/1
  • Rich Roussin 6/1
  • Scott Smith 6/1
  • Chuck Hobbs 6/1
  • John Theriault 7/1
  • Tom Boland 7/1
  • Wilson Mungere 8/1
  • Chris Roussin 8/1
  • Dwayne Davis 8/1
  • Nate Gardner 10/1
  • Ryan Curtin 10/1
  • Josh Klein 10/1
  • Chad Lawrence 10/1
  • Jim Tokanel 10/1
  • Pat Blair 12/1
  • Rob Shields 12/1
  • Tom Gibson 12/1
  • Tim Meisel 12/1 
  • Mark Rioux 12/1
  • Matt Case 15/1
  • Billy Williams 15/1
  • Connor Shaw 15/1
  • Mark Trembley 17/1
  • Paul Micali 18/1

** Action can be taken at the closest sportsbook. **

LFG’S Plan for the fall wrap around season


So I have been asked quite a few times what our plan is for the fall? Well, this year  will be different than anything we have done in the past. In prior years we just ran a few more regular season events and usually ended in the middle/end of October. We have been fortunate with the weather, but it only takes one bad storm in October to ruin our season. For that reason, plus with football we decided to finish the season earlier and have now set up the Championships for Sept 8th. 

That leaves us quite a bit of time and with the Ryder cup in late Sept we feel it will be best to try to keep the players as active as possible. For that reason, in New Hampshire we will be doing a fall wrap around season until late October. These events will be a little different than what we have done as we want to explore some different styles that we could potentially implement going forward. Expect some team events, points quota games and other style games during the events. We want to try to get as many winners as we can and create as much competition as possible. That being said, we will have points just like we do in the regular season but obviously worth less that what we normally give, all points rewarded during the fall will be your staring position as we enter the 2020 season.


I would guess we will try to do roughly 4-6 events throughout the fall, and have some Saturday events as well.

Our next event is what is the most important one right now as there are several players still in contention for this years title and you can cut the tension with a knife. 


Bryson “Slow play” Dechambeau was on the Fore Play podcast today and brought up some good points


So for those who listen to the Barstool Fore Play podcast were able to get a really candid interview today with notorious slow player Bryson Dechambeau who brought up some good points acknowledging that he knows he can be a slow player at times but also states that the PGA Tour does very little to him to really change what he is doing. He also stated that although it may seem as if he is the slowest player out there, he more often than not out drives his playing partners and is the first to his ball as he would win a speed walk race if there was on. He feels as if although certain shots throughout the round do take longer than others that if you are able to time each player per hole from Tee to Flag that he would be right there with the average player. I do not want to get into the full depth of the interview as there was a lot to digest. Slow play is becoming quite the issue in golf from the Pro’s and to the Amateurs. If you are able to listen to this podcast and interview I highly suggest you do. 

Listen to the Podcast here if you want.

Bryson Dechambeau on Fore Play

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