Get to know LFG Player Chris Hatem


Name: Chris Hatem

Hometown: Newmarket, NH

Handicap: 7.8

Years playing LFG: Entering first season

Years Golfing: 20+

What do you enjoy about LFG: The people you meet

Favorite Course: Portsmouth, CC

LFG Event Champion: No

Most Memorable Golf Moment: Making my first hole in one at a one day Member-guest, Thankfully I only had to buy drinks for my group. 

Perfect Foursome: Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady

Favorite Club: 7 Iron

Least Favorite Golf Memory: Getting tee times cancelled a few days ago due to the Covid 19 outbreak. 

part of the game to fix: Short Game

Rounds per month 3-5


Get to know LFG Player Jeff Keyes


Name: Jeff Keyes

Hometown: Braintree, MA

Handicap: 10

Years in LFG: 2

Years golfing: As long as he can Remember

Favorite part of LFG: “Competition and really good dudes”

Favorite Course: TPC Sawgrass (Stadium) Toot Toot

LFG Event Champion: Yes

Most memorable golf Story: Hole in one on #6 at Acushnet River Valley, Oct 31st 1999

Perfect Foursome: My grandfather Jame McCarthy (Seamus), my father Fred Keyes, Payne Stewart

Favorite Club: Depends 

Worst Golf Memory: None really, we all have bad rounds…but we are golfing!

Part of the game to fix: Consistency

Rounds per month: 3-5





Cops show up to Stonebridge CC, who should have been closed, To remove players


Yesterday which was the first official day that courses were forced to shut down due to covid concerns. Mostly all the courses obeyed the order and are willing to do their part with flattening the curve whether or not they agree. That is, all but one. Stonebridge CC decided to say screw it and open up anyways. I was shocked to see a fb post on Friday night after I finished a round there proclaiming they were open. I ran into a customer shopping on Sat, who informed me he had a tee time for Stonebridge later in the afternoon, (Using good social distancing) I warned him to call as there was no way they were open….I was wrong. 

A few friends of ours did go out to enjoy the round at one of the few courses in the state we could play at. Stonebridge was taken all precautions with Pool noodles in the holes, single rider carts, and all the same precautions all courses were taken. 

I have not gotten all the details yet but at some point local cops had to arrive at Stonebridge to remove all players from the course. I am unsure if they had to venture onto the course as I can imagine some players were not willing to go, I am also looking into seeing if players were refunded for their rounds. 

This is just such a bad move by Stonebridge staying open while almost every other course closes. I think every course would love to be open right now and understand golf can be played safety but after the governors orders to shut down, companies must obey. I was already upset with certain ways Stonebridge had treated our league last year and was not planning on going back and yet again they show that they only care about themselves and the bottom line after having players feel the embarrassment of having cops arrive to force them to stop their round. 

I was just informed the cops arrived around 3:00 and informed the pro shop to get all players on the course immediately. Stonebridge took the players names for future rounds. 

#1 Best Course in the state, Wentworth by the Sea


Our #1 selection is Wentworth by the Sea, this was not an easy choice but Wentworth, much like Portsmouth with their water gives you plenty of enjoyable challenging shots that head around the edges of Rye Harbor. This course has a lot of undulation all on the fairways through the front 9 giving you quite a few uneven lies to make approach shot challenging, The greens are always quick and if you find yourself on the wrong level will be tough to lag it close. 16-17-18 are some gorgeous finishing holes you will ever encounter as 16 takes you right over the corner of the harbor with Mansions lining up the left side of the fairway. Absolutely gorgeous. 

Wentworth can be challenging to get on as it is best if you do know someone who is a member or worker. I believe there is some public play but at limited times. If you are able to get a round on Wentworth though, make sure you take do it, well worth the trip. 





#2 Best Course in the State, Atkinson CC



Anytime I get the opportunity to get a round in at Atkinson, I make sure I am available. Atkinson sucks you in once you take the turn onto Country Club Drive. You drive by 2 of their executive course holes to give you a quick sample of what you will be in store for. The pro shop is one of the nicest around and once you go in and square up you come out to have your cart ready for you to go right over to the range to get some work in. 

After a quick range sesh, the first hole awaits you which feels about a 1/2 mile drive to get to the first tee, but the first hole which is an inviting 360 yard straight par four to get your round started. After that there is a fine balance of challenging and less challenging holes, but until your able to get your mind around the fact there is a few score-able holes out there, you will find it to be as difficult as it seems. Atkinson has always been a great experience for me and coming up that 18th hole on a summers night with the deck packed of onlookers is the most intimidating shot you can have on a summers eve. 




#3 Best course in the State, Portsmouth CC


One of our top courses the state has to offer is Portsmouth Country Club, this track leads you all around the beautiful Great Bay which gives such gorgeous views and challenging shots for all 18 holes. The course is always perfectly manicured with greens that in mid summer are some of the quickest in the state. Portsmouth on a calm day is a course you can survive, unfortunately though there are only a few calm days a year. More often than not you will be dealing with wind throughout the whole round. Several holes that give you a wind in your face will be a daunting task for anyone to even reach the green in 2, never mind salvage a par. Just like most the courses we play, and our level of ability but this is a course to go on, enjoy the atmosphere and understand that bogey golf is a great job.  If you are interested in getting out to Portsmouth your best bet is to find a member who you can play with, as a public player will pay $110 and a player whose a members guest will pay $70. I believe they may offer some better deals as the day goes on. 

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