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If you ever Purchase a stand alone putter…you are not welcomed in our league

Stumbled across this infomercial the other day and wondered who the hell would buy this thing. Imagine just setting up your putter, walking behind your floating putter and then stepping up and missing your putt. You look like a real asshole when you do that. While I was looking for this infomercial on youtube, it turns out a version of the standalone putter was created in the 90s but some NASA engineer who loved space and golf. I could see Johnny Red making a purchase like this, as he is not opposed to trying anything at this point for his putting woes, he may be onto some sort of putting hypnosis soon, who knows. 

Anyway, if any of you show up to an event and pull this out, please expect to be laughed at and ridiculed. I at times, may have a “Chipper” in my bag and that is a borderline outrageous club to pull out. Apparently the stand alone putter is a completely legal club to use by USGA standards, but much like the sport of baseball golf has some unwritten rules and one of those is in fact that you should never use any clubs that do not require your own strength to hold it up. 


What you need to know about the new World Handicapping system


Ok, first of all I am pumped. Anything that can be changed to continue to put all golfers on an even playing field is a good thing in general, but for us and what we do it’s a great thing. in my 5 years here, our biggest issue has been Handicapping, not due to a lack of effort on anyone’s part or someone intentionally “sandbagging” to get a higher cap but there were just flaws in the old system that sometimes would not give a player the most accurate information. Anytime there was a comment about handicaps, jokingly or not it was something that truly Irked myself and in this past year Ryan as we both truly did everything we can to give everyone the same chance to win every tournament. If anyone ever thinks otherwise, there are plenty of other leagues you are more than welcome to go join. 

Here are some of the biggest changes we have in store for 2020. 


Daily updates: Your handicap will now be updated after every round posted as opposed to just the 1st and 15th of the month.  

Fewer scores count on your index: So now your top 8 scores will count towards your index out of your last 20 rounds played, this should have a minimum change for many of us but will still help give us a more accurate look at your true potential. 

New stroke limit: In years past players used the ESC (Equitable stroke control) Which basically took your handicap and gave you a max score you could take on any hole. Not a bad system, but not great. Now with the newly implemented Net double bogey max that should even more so control the potential of “Sandbagging” not that anyone ever would. 

Playing conditions calculations: This is weirdly my favorite, basically if you play a round in tough conditions Rain, Wind, etc) the new system will be able to recognize that. It will be able to take all scores posted from that day and see if there is any trends to a higher than average scoring day and then be able to relate it back to how you shot. 

The # of strokes your getting will change: So basically, when we run a tournament more often then not your handicap will add a stroke or 2 depending on the course rating/slope. Now to my understanding this should not be happening and your handicap should be what you will play as, unless you change tees in which case your “Course Handicap” could change. 

All in all I am excited, this is a big step for the USGA and WGA to be able to have some uniformity throughout the world with handicap systems. Golf is an amazing game and anything that can be done to utilize a little more technology and make the game better i am always in favor of. 

The Handicap system is currently undergoing the changes as you read this and should be available on Monday. If you have the APP you will need to update it as there will be changes to the APP and The current GHIN website. 

Heres to a great 2020.


Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey arrested in prostitution sting


On Tuesday, PGA Tour pro Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey was one of 124 suspects arrested as part of a prostitution and human-trafficking sting. On Thursday, he shot 66 in the first round of the Korn Ferry Tour Q-School Finals.

Gainey, 44, was charged with soliciting a prostitute, which is a misdemeanor in Florida. Gainey was released on $500 bond, according to CNN’s report on Polk County jail records. His arrest came as part of “Operation Santa’s Naughty List,” an undercover sting targeting prostitution, human trafficking and child predators.

County Sheriff Grady Judd told the AP that Gainey, a South Carolina native, was in Florida for a charity golf event.

“[Gainey] missed his tee time the next morning,” Judd said. “He was a scratch.”

Patrick Reeds Caddie shoves fan during altercation

What a week for Patrick Reed, first just blatantly cheating last week in the Bahamas and now this week after going 0-3 in the Ryder Cup having his caddie go after a fan. Here is the official statement from Barstool. 

Just a tough look for the guy and one who would be tough to come back from for anyone. Interested to see what Reed does from here on it, but I would say that 2020 may be a tough season for him. 


How cold is too cold to Golf

5832185f7edd5.imageIt’s that time of the year when most of us monitor the weather throughout the week hoping to catch one final round in between the frost delays at the courses and the limited daylight. Currently in this area we have approximately a 6 hour window of daylight to get a round in. Now I am a golf psycho like most of us are, and am willing to pretty much play in anything. Maybe not quite in this time of year as I am come February when most of us have some new weapons we have gotten for Christmas and can’t wait to get out and swing the new sticks.

With that being said, I think the most important part of playing in the cold weather is how windy it is. Most of us can bundle up and play in 40 degree weather with no wind. You give us wind with 40 degree weather and there is a very limited chance I am playing unless it’s a gorgeous course, and free. Another big variable is that if you are going to play in cold weather, the appropriate move is to walk to keep your blood flowing and keep the body warm.

My final conclusion is that the anything above 40 degrees with limited wind is fine. With wind I would want roughly high 40’s and low 50’s. 

In the meantime, go enjoy the simulators for the next 4 months. 

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