Scheffler Arrested at PGA Championship

Scheffler Arrested at PGA Championship

What a wild morning it has been. Woke up to about 60 text messages about Scotty Scheffler being arrested and pictures of him in handcuffs being led to the cruiser. Obviously many of us know the details about what happened and I am assuming that it was just a complete misunderstanding. Apparently Scheffler went around a closed off area due to an accident and death of a pedestrian and after being warned by police to stop, he continued on his way in which quickly escalated to being pulled from the car and cuffed. 


Here is the timeline of events

5:09am. Accident involving pedestrian leading to death

6:01am Scheffler Detained

7:28 Scheffler is booked 

8:40 Scheffler is released 

9:12 Scheffler arives at Valhalls

10:15 Scheffler Birdies one like nothing happened

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