Ella Papadinis continues to impress in LFG

Ella Papadinis continues to impress in LFG

Just wanted to write up a little something here as Ella has been playing with us now for a few years, as well as doing some other Junior Tours around New England.  I have been very impressed with the way she has been playing and the improvement she has shown. Ella who is 13ish years old  started to take the game seriously roughly a little over 2 years ago while taking lessons with coach Eric Leith at the Seth Dichard Golf Centers and has really shown some amazing progress with the game.

It is always difficult for a junior to focus for 18 holes and be able to grind out a whole round, heck it's almost impossible for an adult to do that. Ella has shown some glimpses of being able to compete and I anticipate will find herself sneaking into some top 10's here in the near future and could very well be holding a championship flag by years end. 

I appreciate all of the other league players who have played with Ella and Jeremy to continue giving positive vibes for her. This is such a great opportunity for her to be able to continue to compete and get better as she get's into high school and starts to really develop into what I assume will be a very good player. 

Thanks for playing with us Ella and let's keep improving everyday! 

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