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Big week for Hole in ones as 3 LFG Players record one

Just want to take a moment here to congratulate 3 players who were able to grab Aces, including the latest one that just came today from our Maine President Jordan Yanni. Darek Robertson also managed to grab a hole in one of the 11th at Canterbury, and Keith Taylor aced the 17th at Sky Meadow Last week.

Well done gentleman.


Never seen this move before, absolutely love it. I don’t even like touching clubs of friends of mine..never mine one of the top players in the world…Dudes got balls, and I assume a much lighter wallet as well.

Phil Mickelson is out on Detroit after an article claims he owes someone $500g in gambling debts there.

Just a quick peak at this story but it came out that about 14 years ago Phil ended up making some big bets and I believe the money is still owed to the individual. Whether or not this story is true, the reporter obvioulsy felt this would be a good time to let this story resurface to make sure he gets those clicks…..That being said if you want to read the whole story. Click on the link here

Phil Mickelson won’t return to Detroit after $500K gambling report (

The same day Dechambeau takes a “break” from his Caddie, Koepka praises his on Ricky Elliot Caddie Appreciation Day

I can’t get enough of these 2, the more they go at it like this the more I think they actually might have crushes on each other. Way to go Brooksie, keep doing you!

It’s not easy to run a golf league, especially if players are inconsiderate

I started this years ago and had no idea the difficulties that could be part of running a golf league but we run into them week in and week out and none of our players have any idea. I just want to give you guys a quick breakdown on how things happen on our end and what happens when our registered players decide a few days prior to either bail, or need a different tee time, or even just trying to jump into the tournament last minute creates more issues than one would think, especially when registration has been up for weeks prior.

First off, we book these events with courses as far out as we can. I know myself in NH is in touch with courses probably in January to get these booked, I know Jordan and Ryan probably start working on the schedule in early march. We anticipate numbers based on how it was attended the year prior and how many members are registered for this upcoming season. Now sometimes are numbers are pretty spot on and other times they are not. We usually get back in touch with the courses a few weeks prior to our event to kind of give a better number on where we are for anticipated players. We send out the invites, set up registration, so that you guys have several options on informing us you plan on playing.

In our NH League, our guys are pretty damn good of registering and showing up, but we do have the occasionally things that pop up but for the most part communication is great amongst everyone. Come the week of the tournament though we start ramping up our communication with the course and keeping in the loop almost daily as to where are numbers are, on top of that we are looking for prizes, sending out invoices, setting up our tee times, mind you many of you guys have certain request to play with certain guys which we do our best to take care of. We have to get the scorecards printed, cart signs, get some sponsorship signage, etc needless to say, there is a shit ton that goes to every event behind the scene that obviously many of you do not see.

We know right now, golf is booming! If these courses lose tee times because of our anticipation of numbers being way off, or us giving confirmed numbers but then on a Thursday of a tournament week having 4-5 guys back out last minute wreaks havoc on us and truthfully just makes our league look like a joke, which we know we are not. We understand that life happens and gets in the way and occasionally you are going to register but then have to back out and we do want to become a league that requires payment up front prior to registration but could be something we consider. Just understand that backing out after the tee times are released is not easy for anyone involved and is STRONGLY discouraged.

Long story short, if you register for an event. SHOW UP AND PLAY!!!! If you have not registered prior to the tee times coming out its not as easy to just “Add” guys in as you may think, For example last week we had a perfect 40 guys in NH and one requested to be added which we never want to say no, but after sending the course our tee times for 40 players and having exactly 10 groups. I then had to call back, request 1 more group. turn our ten foursomes into three 3somes and eight foursomes and created a lot more work than simply just “adding” a player.

I know I had no idea what exactly any of this entailed when I started but now I do. We want to be as flexible as we can with all players but you guys truthfully need to be more considerate of all we are doing. If this were an NHGA event, or Mass GA or Maine GA event no one would bail like people do in our league.

We want to continue to grow this and offer up the best possible league for golfers all over the northeast but it becomes difficult when we ruin relationships with courses due to a variety of reasons but a Main one being that we have 30 registered players for an event on a Monday but come to Thursday we have 8 guys who back out and now we have to goback there with our tail in between our legs and lower our commitment.

All we ask is that you guys keep in mind how hard Myself, Jordan and Ryan work to offer this league up to you guys and please do your best to be considerate of what we are doing and that these few what seem like small things will have an affect on the growth of this league going forward, and it already has unfortunately with news you guys will hear in the near future.

This isn’t directed at anyone or any state specifically but just a general statement of what I have seen and noticed over the past years.

Just your casual monday fight and arrest on the Korn Ferry Tour

So, from my understanding is that basically 2 players ended up arguing over looking for each others balls, and some slow play bullshit. Fathers started talking shit to each other and next think you know, it was a real brouhaha. We did somehow find some lost footage of Austin Dailey recapping how the fight went down.

But, if you want to see more on the story, click on the link here. It seems like it was just good ol fashion fun out there on the tour. Wild details emerge in Korn Ferry Tour fight that landed golfer in handcuffs (

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