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The Major at Montcalm odds

Here we go again, huge field for this weekend. Love it! Good Luck Everyone!!

  • John Morin 22-1
  • Nick Shore 26-1
  • Scott Smith 18-1
  • Benny Bourque 23-1
  • Jeremy Papadinis 18-1
  • Rob Wenrich 24-1
  • Kyle Giddings 17-1
  • John Theriault 19-1
  • Dwayne Davis 20-1
  • Tim Meisel 15-1
  • Dan Goodwin 22-1
  • Craig Bourgeous 24-1
  • Ben Kaul 26-1
  • Corey Hayes 22-1
  • Billy Williams 18-1
  • Tom Gibson Sr 24-1
  • Tom Gibson 25-1
  • Chris Roussin 10-1
  • Josh Klein 13-1
  • Kevin jackson 20-1
  • Matt Saia 20-1
  • Rich Roussin 17-1
  • Phillip Pane 18-1
  • Matt Tafe 20-1
  • Scott Bailey 17-1
  • Matt White 18-1
  • Kevin Arndt 21-1
  • Marc Johnson 15-1
  • Ryan Hickey 16-1
  • Keith Taylor 18-1
  • Steve White 20-1
  • Eric White 15-1
  • Wison Mungere 18-1
  • Ben Edwards 19-1
  • Scott Sheehan 14-1
  • Aaron Martin 50-1
  • Chad Lawrence 20-1
  • Mark Trembley 20-1
  • Aaron Theriault 22-1
  • Connor Shaw 26-1
  • Joseph Collins 18-1
  • Pat Blair 25-1
  • Jim Tokanel 17-1
  • Rob Tokanel 16-1
  • Mark Barron 20-1
  • Barry Rogers 21-1
  • Todd Anderson 15-1
  • Zack Hurley 22-1
  • Ethan Hurley 24-1
  • Chris Wilkinson 16-1
  • Nina Pane 52-1
  • Andrew Darois 26-1
  • Aaron Abood 20-1
  • Jeff Richer 30-1
  • Jeff Moynihan 16-1
  • Ted Kitchens 18-1
  • Sean Lynch 20-1
  • Gregg Jodoin 18-1
  • Tom Boland 22-1
  • Paul Micali 40-1
  • Chuck Hobbs 18-1

We should all be pulling for Chris Kirk this weekend at the rocket mortgage

For those who don’t know, much like myself Chris Kirk has been out of golf for the past 15 months to tend to personal issues and demons that have been haunting him for quite some time. Chris appears to be in a much better spot in his life right now and it always is awesome to see anyone who can get a grasp on their mental health. In order for Chris to even be in this position he had to go and win a Korn Ferry event last week and now he finds himself on the top of the leaderboard going into Saturday. I for one am hoping for a successful result, as a sports fan we always root for the undergod and feel good story and today will be no different.

Husband and wife from Plymouth, Ma get hole in one less than 24 hours apart

Frank and Barbara Costa share something very few couples ever

The couple from Plymouth, Massachusetts both hit a hole-in-one in mid-June, just 24 hours apart.

Frank Costa was the talk of the golf course, until his wife got a hole-in-one the next day

“When I walked into the pro shop after getting done that day, I started singing the song ‘Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better,'” Barbara said.

“She called me right away and I said, ‘You really ruined it for me,'” Frank said.

The two have shared a laugh over both of their once-in-a-lifetime shots, but Frank said the best shot he ever took was when he asked Barbara to be his wife.

“I don’t like to say it, but I have to say it: she’s the best thing to ever happen to me,” he said.

What a wild story here, imagine getting a hole in one and being all fired up only to be outdone by your wife the next day. What an amazing accomplishment these 2 actually do get to share though. By looking at the hat in the picture, I would guess they were playing Pinehills.

Scott Sheehans 72 this weekend was very impressive

This is a picture of Scotty, This is not from Nippo lake.

One of my favorite things in this league is when you see a regular shoot a career best and that is what I got to witness this weekend playing with Sheehan. He came out of the gate and gave himself a good birdie look on 1 that he just missed, followed up with a bogey on 2 and answered with a birdie on 4. there on out he fired pars of the way through with just a slip up on 6 to finish at 36 and one over. He pretty casually went through the back and had pars most holes but with a slip up on 11 after leaving himself just above the pin in some deep rough was unable to get up and down. After a par on 12 He followed that up with back to back birdies on 13-14 to put himself at 1 under on the side. an easy par on 15, par on 16 and an unfortunate bogey bogey finish to shoot a 36 coming in to finish the day at a 72. This course just set up well for him today and he had great control of a driver that he can hammer which left him several wedges into these pins that were tucked and was able to give himself birdie looks all day that he took advantage of. As always and like any golfer will say when asked how he felt about the round Scott commented “It felt great but it could have been better, I still left some ” Congrats on a great round and let’s see it again at our Major at Montcalm.

how we choose the courses we play

Just want to take a minute to kind of explain to everyone how we choose courses and kind of what our thought process is when we choose our event locations.

We know the date is the most important for players, which is why we will always have all the dates our for our players sometimes in February for the players so that they can start to plan their schedule.

First of all, we are aware we have players from all over the states that our leagues are in, so we do our best to try to pick courses that are centrally located for all, but obviously that is easier said then done. We are also aware that 90% of our players are diehards and if we played on the moon, odds are they would be there. We thank you guys for that, makes our life a little easier.

Secondly we have to work with the courses, some courses we have played at in the past get what we are doing and how good of a day it will be for that course, while others….just don’t, and are more difficult to work with. With the amount of options in each state we aren’t afraid to move on and just try to book the next course.

We also consider quality, we do have a few courses on the NH Schedule that although I wouldn’t consider them Dog tracks, they are also not the highest quality we play. That being said, they have been great to us since day 1 and loyalty goes a long way which is why these certain courses will always be on our schedule year after year.

This year has been especially difficult with covid and the amount of business these courses are getting. Normally, courses love having us, especially the times we tee off as that is when they start to slow down. This year, that just is not the case and numerous courses are booked from sun up to sun down, which is great for them. I know Ryan in Mass has ran into issues with the protocols and procedures of each course but is doing the best he can to give you guys a great schedule, and is currently working on booking the Ranch, lets hopse it works out.

Just be aware, we do our best to try to give everyone courses that our convenient to them. There will be years it feels like all events are close to you, and years you may have to travel a little bit to events. I believe the variety of the courses is what makes this league so special and obviously the people in it.

We appreciate all the players and I do get plenty of suggestions for courses and if anyone has any connections to courses just let us know and we will do our best to continue to expand and get some of the best courses around for you guys. This year has been awesome in both leagues as our numbers are growing every event and the prizes and sponsors continue to grow as well. Keep spreading the word and lets keep shooting our best.

Nippo lake odds

  • Aaron Martin 35-1
  • Aaron Abood 14-1
  • Ben Edwards 12-1
  • Benny Bourque 22-1
  • Billy Williams 18-1
  • Chad Lawrence 15-1
  • Chris Roussin 8-1
  • Chuck Hobbs 14-1
  • Craig Bourgeois 16-1
  • Dan Goodwin 16-1
  • Dwayne Davis 14-1
  • Eric White 8-1
  • Ethan Hurley 18-1
  • Jeremy Papadinis 16-1
  • Jim Tokanel 10-1
  • John Theriault 12-1
  • Joe Forbush 15-1
  • Kyle Ithal 16-1
  • Mark Barron 18-1
  • Mark Trembley 11-1
  • Matt Case 20-1
  • Matt Saia 16-1
  • Pat Blair 14-1
  • Paul Micali 30-1
  • Rich Roussin 10-1
  • Rob Tokanel 14-1
  • Robert Wenrich 16-1
  • Scott Rush 14-1
  • Scott Sheehan 12-1
  • Scott Smith 14-1
  • Thomas Gibson Sr, 20-1
  • Tom Boland 17-1
  • Tom Gibson 15-1
  • Tim Meisel 10-1
  • Zack Hurley 16-1

Goodluck everyone this weekend, Tee times will be our shortly.

Presidents Prediction: Ben Edwards 87/69

Stanford Bound William huang fires 63 to tie course record at rochester

This is so incredibly impressive, William shot a 30 front and a 33 back on his way to a 63 and a share of the course record. William will be heading to Stanford hopefully in the fall to pursue his golf career while getting a great education. Most of you know, but for those who don’t Stanford is one of the top golf colleges in the country. i know I will be a fan of his going forward and will be following his career. Good luck in the State am.

Also, Congrats to Rick Dichard, and Darek Robertson who both qualified for the state am yesterday at Montcalm. Good luck in the state am fellas, lets gooooo!


Obviously the PGA tour has been running reruns on all kinds of stuff, about 10 days ago I ran into this old 2003 skills competition and noticed that Mark McGwire was beating some very good professionals, I ended up watching the whole thing. It is impressive, McGwire had some real good swings. He won the longest drive, putting and had some great approach shots as well. This video is a little long but definately worth the watch. I wonder how good his game is now.


What a great day yesterday was, the course was in amazing shape and proved difficult for most but for 6 individuals they were able to manage to fire under par rounds. Topping the list yesterday was Eric White who fired an 84 and a net 65 to win the crown by 1 over Chris Roussin who finds himself near the top of the leaderboard almost every week. Eric is coming into his zone and finds himself in 2nd place in his hopes of defending last years title to win the crown for back to back years. Chris Roussin who shot an 80 as well as Josh Klein found themselves in 2nd and 3rd. Chris who had some good scores this week including a 78 at Passaconaway found his handicap dip into the 11’s now which will make consistent top finishes a little more difficult.

Congrats to our low gross player for the day Jim Tokanel who shot a real impressive 77.

The Tour Continues it’s season in 2 weeks when we travel to the gorgeous town of Barrington, NH and plays the fun Nippo Lake Golf Club. Nippo is a ball strikers golf club that does not require length, Just need to position yourself and give yourself angles at some small, fast greens. I am sure we will have a hell of a turnout again as the season is really starting to heat up.

Candia Woods Odds

What has now turned into everyones favorite part, and my worse enemy, here are the odds going into this weeks event at Candia Woods.

  • Scott Sheehan 12-1
  • Chris Roussin 6-1
  • Rich Roussin 9-1
  • Eric White 10-1
  • Tim Meisel 10-1
  • Pat Blair 16-1
  • Chad Lawrence 14-1
  • Corey Hayes 20-1
  • Dustin Merrill 26-1
  • Aaron Martin 32-1
  • Todd Anderson 10-1
  • Josh Klein 10-1
  • John Theriault 12-1
  • Aaron Abood 14-1
  • Ben Kaul 24-1
  • Dan Goodwin 16-1
  • Craig Bougeouis 20-1
  • Dwayne Davis 14-1
  • Jeff Richer 22-1
  • Scott Smith 18-1
  • Mark Trembley 14-1
  • Mike Comtois 13-1
  • Dave Benevedes 15-1
  • Billy Williams 14-1
  • Tom Gibson 16-1
  • Tom Gibson Sr 20-1
  • Paul Micali 32-1
  • Tom Boland 15-1
  • Chuck Hobbs 13-1
  • Connor Shaw 20-1
  • Cory Robinson 14-1
  • Zack Hurley 18-1
  • Ethan Hurley 17-1
  • Jim Tokanel 10-1
  • Rob Tokanel 18-1
  • Scott Rush 16-1
  • Jeremy Papadinis 15-1
  • Wilson Mungere 14-1
  • John Barlow 20-1
  • Matt Case 22-1
  • John Morin 15-1
  • Rob Wenrich 21-1
  • Ben Edwards 16-1

Goodluck everyone this weekend, My prediction was wrong last week. This week I think we will see some low scores as Candia tends to play relatively easy and allows for some birdies out there.

The president is still crunching some #s and will have his prediction in the next few days.

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