Assurance Open Preview



The day is upon us, for those who played last year it has been a long off season and we have been eagerly waiting for the start of the season. The 2017 season will again open up at Loudon Country Club where last years winner Chris Miller has decided he did not want to defend his title and was willing to let someone take the crown.

I was able to get a round in at Loudon last week and will warn you the greens were quick. Note during your round that the Greens on #2, 5,7, will roll incredible fast if you get above the hole. Many greens will not hold approach shots either so it is good advice to play your shots to front edge of the green giving you uphill putts.

I will give you a quick summary of the holes

  1. par 4, pretty straight forward but there is a hazard in the middle of the fairway about 225 out.
  2. Par 3, Plays a little longer then the yardage try to stay below the hole to give yourself any shot at par. Very tough green
  3. Par 5 around the water. Can get there in 2 but the wise play is to play your 2nd shot short and right to give yourself a good angle at the flag for the 3rd shot
  4. short par 3. Just make sure you give yourself enough club to get over the water.
  5. short par 4. May be reachable for a few of you but will end up with a wedge for your 2nd shot. Green rolls fast from back to front.
  6. downhill par 4. Play your driver to the right side of the fairway to give yourself the best angle. make sure you get your 2nd shot over the water.
  7. Uphill par 5. 2 good shots will leave you about 100 yards to the pin. Another green you will want your ball below the hole on
  8. downhill par 4. Tough driving hole. Try to leave your 2nd shot short at the ball will roll up towards the green and release.
  9. Tricky little par 4. there is a little bit of a hazard about 210 yards out on the right side. there is more room behind it then it appears. If you leave it behind it will leave you about 170 to the green.
  10. Short par 4. Just hit your drive a little left and take a chance to attack the pin
  11. Uphill par 5. Pretty wide open but try to play it up the left side to be safe
  12. downhill par 4. pretty open and another hole you will want to play up the left side. Aim for the tree with your drive
  13. I hate this par 3. Good luck
  14. There is a hazard that no one knows about 235 yards out. Keep it in front of that and you will have 165 to the flag. It is a tough hole
  15. another uphill par 5. it is just like the other 2 you played.
  16. Downhill par 4. Pretty straight forward
  17. Par 3 about 165 yards. There is a hill on the green so try to hit it to the right level
  18. nice finishing hole. Just hit a good drive down the middle and be left with about 140 downhill left to a big green.

Having some experience on this course will be helpful but not a necessity. Just respect the greens.

As far as the Players goes, I would think that Last years winner Bob Enderson is again set up to make another run as the year goes by and that could start with being in the mix towards the end tomorrow.

Chris Roussin has been playing very well as of late and with some new equipment has seen quite an improvement in distance which is helping his wedge game and letting him make a few birdies a round. Chris is another player to keep an eye on towards the end of the round tomorrow.

New players are absolute wild cards. With our handicap system going into this anything can happen. I could see some sleepers coming out of this. I played with Eddie Lacourse not long ago who has the potential to put up a good # and get himself a championship but who knows if he can stay in the game mentally for 18 holes. Gary Cote is another guy who I can only imagine hits the ball a mile as he is the biggest human I have ever seen, not sure how his touch is but if he has any at all he can just run away with this league. Corey Robinson getting into the league this year will shake things up. I could see him being a consistent golfer and shooting right around his cap and having some good results. It should be interesting how the new players impact these standings as we go.

John Therriault has picked up his game over the last year, although he still sucks there is some hope in his game to steal a win or two. Corey hartson is another player who perhaps is the most talented tee to green player in the league and then absolutely melts down on the greens, he has been sponsored by Scotty Cameron going into this season and is hoping that will improve his ability.

Other players I think I could see winning this is Bill Seney, Tim Woodger, or Tom Boland. Bill Seney I have not seen play in a while but he seems to be a consistent golfer when I do get a chance to play with him and I expect the same tomorrow. Best name in the league so far goes to Bradford Beers. I hope we have plenty tomorrow.