LFG Rule changes for 2021

The LFG Rules Committee have decided to make the following rule changes for the upcoming 2021 season.

Out Of Bounds/Hazard White Staked Area: 2 strokes, Relief at point of entry extended to the fairway (Does have option to hit from original spot for 1 stroke penalty, please do your best to never have to walk back to a spot to hit) Click on link for video explanation https://youtu.be/QY2QNyFaqNs

Red Staked Area: Drop at point of entry, 2 club lengths, 1 stroke penalty

Non Staked Area: If ball is found and can be played, play it. If found and can not be played play as a red stake, If ball is NOT FOUND must be played as a LOST BALL which is a 2 stroke penalty and relief extends to fairway. **PLEASE MARK YOUR BALLS OR AT LEAST LET PLAYING PARTNERS KNOW WHAT BALL YOU ARE PLAYING AS BEST YOU CAN***

We understand this is quite different than what we have always done in the past but we are doing our best to always be as close to USGA rules as possible while keeping the pace and competition as fair as possible.

Other Rule changes

All players must putt everything out, no more pick up after the 3rd miss.

Ball will be played UP in the fairway, a player may move the ball 6″, no closer to the hole for a preferred lie.

Root rule has been removed, If a player does not want to hit a shot he must take an unplayable and a 1 stroke penalty

Excessive mud can be removed from ball anywhere in play. Must request it from playing partners before doing so.

Any ball that comes to rest in a cart path may get relief on the players preferred side, 1 club length.

Max score is now 5 over par. 3=8, 4=9, 5=10

Those are some of the biggest rule changes we have for the upcoming season. We will have a sheet or the rules on the scorecards for the players to be able to refer too though out the round.

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