Happy Gilmore came out 25 years ago, and here are a few things that made the movie amazing

February 16th, 1996 we were introduced to Happy, Chubbs, and Grandma in what is considered to be one of the top golf movies of all time. Probably about 8th in my opinion but none the less a great movie and also staring of of New Hampshires biggest stars Adam Sandler. For those who dont know, and this may not even a true fact but I believe that swing was actually from an individual from this area who may or may not be a teacher in the Manchester school district and possibly might be a golf coach, although I would have to confirm that. Either way, next time you watch the flick, consider these things.

  1. The swing: I mean, does this work, we have all messed with it, tried it, looked at our friends while we did it and exclaimed ” I think I actually hit it further when I do it this way” We all suck with regular swings and we would just continue to suck if we swung like this consistently, and would be exhausted by the 8th hole and 49 swings into it.

2. The horrible attention to golf detail: Well, for starters when Happy is first noticed at the range, he is driving the ball past a 400 yard marker at the range, I have yet to ever see one of those. Kyle Berkshire who is currently the worlds long driver winner average 360 yards per drive which means that Happy would have out driven him by 40 yards. Bryson Dechambeau currently averages 337 yards. Happy Putts with a hockey stick, that cant be USGA conforming. Numerous hole fly overs that clearly are not from the course they are playing the Waterbury Classic on. Having to play a ball from a someone foot is also one of those rules that may have been ignored.

3. Verne Lundquist was hesitant to play this role because he was not sure of what Augusta would think. Keep in mind Verne has called several moments in sports you will never forget and called them perfectly including Leatners game winning shot vs Kentucky, Tiger Woods Chip in at the 2005 masters, and yet after all that what fans will truly remember him for is the ol “Who the hell is Happy Gilmore”

4. Lee Trevino Cameo: “Grizzly Addams Did have a beard” Enough said.

5. Shooter Mcgavin: Forget sports cinema; McGavin might be the greatest cinematic villain, period. Played brilliantly by Christopher McDonald, McGavin is a jealous, callous, obnoxious bastard. He steals every scene, with every line more poetic than anything Walt Whitman could conjure. If I had a nickel for everytime I got invited to the 9th green at 9:00.

Bob Barker Fight Scene: I would have loved to be in the screenplay pitch when, “So, we were thinking we’d have a tournament mimic the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, with Sandler paired with Bob Barker, and eventually they fight to the death” came up. It’s wonderfully orchestrated, with Barker buying into the scene wholeheartedly:

7. Ben Stiller: kills it as the nursing home attendant, he is such a dick and truthfully I think it is his best role other than Dodgeball but I am not a huge Ben Stiller fan.

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