New Hampshire lands top recruits going into 2021 Season

After an abysmal 2020 Colony Cup performance in which Mass absolutely piss pounded us, NH knew they had to go out and find some top players to get back to form in 2021 and did just that. Between stumbling into quality players during random rounds and finding friends of friends and persuading them to join the LFG 2021 class, NH should have some low scores during events this upcoming season. Here are some key additions who have earned/Paid for there LFG card going into the 2021 season. Let’s keep in mind, our league was and will continue to be designed for the average weekend hacker but as we have grown we have adjusted to getting some single digit and scratch golfers who recognize the tournament format and use our events as practice rounds for NHGA events as well as just another option for them to get out there and play in a competitive format with a chance to win some prizes. That being said, I would like to welcome to the league.

  • Dorian Carr 1.8
  • Vitaly Rizhevsky 6.3
  • Jason Rowe 5.8
  • Rick Dichard 2.0
  • Keith Taylor 7.4

We look forward to being able to go and compete against these players week and week out, We all know that golfers who play with guys who are better will only help all of us improve our own game. Let’s Keep spreading the word, we are at about 40 members and we would love to get to 50!

We also have heard that is is difficult for low handicaps to win, I do think that is just not true. It is tough for anyone to win our events and requires any player to play one of their best rounds. Especially with the high number of participants we are getting per event. It requires a player to play there best round and get a little bit of luck. I do assure all players, that every event is up for grabs for all our players and if you play your best and truly feel like you deserve the win, you will probably win.

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