Golf snobs are pissed that Tyrell Hatton wore a hoodie this weekend on way to victory

This past weekend Tyrell Hatton won the BMW Championship this past weekend and you guys wont believe this…but he wore a hoodie! The nerve of this guy. Anyways, Golf elitist are outraged that any player would wear a hoodie as obviously its not the proper golf etiquette.

I for one, love that look. I think it looks stylish enough to be acceptable on the golf course. We all in the northeast play in some rough conditions, obviously many of us have worn winter hats before and I am sure quite a few of us have worn hoodies throughout a round as well. To me, golf is an athletic game and you need to be comfortable to play well. If that means rocking a hoodie that looks nice then so be it.

English Club Wearside Golf club does not agree though and made sure to send out a reminder to its players.

“Dress Code

In light of Tyrell Hattons recent success and fashion statement and following discussions on this, can I draw your attention to the Clubs dress code and re emphasise that “hoodies” are not acceptable golf attire for Wearside Golf Club, no more so in fact than designer ripped jeans. ??
I hope this avoids any unnecessary misunderstandings on this subject.”

This place looks real enjoyable to be a member at….

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