LFG Golf Etiquette

Just want to get a quick blog out here to discuss some issues we occasionally run into during some our events and the proper etiquette to handle these issues. This, kind goes beyond just the regular golf etiquette although there are still a few things we can be better at.

We have been getting many new players, and some of those are players who are new to golf and playing a little more serious for their first time. Although, not all players are open to advice on their swing. We can always help new players with etiquette advice, whether it’s walking in someones line, letting the furthest player play first, proper areas to drive the cart and rest of some of golfs “unwritten rules”

Also, as we acquire new players some will have a vast of golf knowledge well others may not, Please don’t criticize the rules. We always go over them at the end of the year on what we can do to make things better and give the golfers the most enjoyable experience while for the most part trying to simplify the rules as much as we can. Most groups will have someone who has been in the league for several years and please ask them for the correct rulings.

If your ball goes into the woods, and you are a walker or sole rider. Wait for someone or ask for someone to come check for your ball with you. There is just an abnormal amount of times that balls are found in the woods with pretty good lies and through a line of trees that gives some players a clear shot. I know, it does occasionally happen but if you know you have to find a ball in the woods just use caution and do not be affraid to ask someone to come help.

*I know not all of us mark our golfballs, but if possible to mark them going forward it would be helpful, also indicating what kind of ball you are playing if one is hit into the woods.

A lot of times we play with individuals who we have not played with before. People do enjoy the occasional compliment for a good shot, or good putt. Some players who are playing well though do not want to continue to be reminded how well they are playing. Some just like to wait to the end of the round and see what that good score ended up being. Use the same rules as if a pitcher was throwing a No hitter. Just stay away and let them stay focused on their game. Congratulate them with a beer after the round.

This goes without saying, but when people are shooting, you should not be talking during their shot.

We have some players who are smokers, others who are not. If you are going to share a cart with someone who is not, Be as respectful as you can, check with them first and if possible just smoke when your out of the cart or maybe walk to one of your shots while you smoke.

My main advice is that when you are new to our league, just be smart and use some common sense when playing with new players. No one wants to be the guy that people do not want to play with so don’t be that guy. If you are respectful, talk about common interest that everyone can chat about, and don’t question too many rulings and do noty let your play affect others too much, odds are you will fit in just fine.

We have a great core to this league and continue to add on to it with a lot of awesome people. If there are consistent complaints about the same individual we will just ask you to leave. It has happened in the past and we do our best to make sure that all our players are enjoying themselves.

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