Just wanted to get this out as I have been asked several questions on whats coming up. Basically, our intentions early in the year just like we did last year was to have a duel event for both states combined. When Covid hit, and hotels became an uncertainty we decided the best move was to cancel that and just continue play in our own state. NH Booked Amherst for their 2 day while after a long delay Mass was able to land Crumpin Fox again.

Both events are their own events, Mass is at Crumpin and we are at Amherst. I believe both are going to be 2 day 36 hole stroke events. We hope and plan on getting back together for a weekend long event in 2021. Obviously everyone is aware that Crumpin is quite a bit better than Amherst as far as quality goes. If there are any NH players who want to make the trip down to Mass to play in their event they are more than welcomed too and your points will transfer over to the NH standings. Anyone who has not had the chance to experience the Fox, I urge you if not for this event It is 100% worth the trip.

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