how we choose the courses we play

Just want to take a minute to kind of explain to everyone how we choose courses and kind of what our thought process is when we choose our event locations.

We know the date is the most important for players, which is why we will always have all the dates our for our players sometimes in February for the players so that they can start to plan their schedule.

First of all, we are aware we have players from all over the states that our leagues are in, so we do our best to try to pick courses that are centrally located for all, but obviously that is easier said then done. We are also aware that 90% of our players are diehards and if we played on the moon, odds are they would be there. We thank you guys for that, makes our life a little easier.

Secondly we have to work with the courses, some courses we have played at in the past get what we are doing and how good of a day it will be for that course, while others….just don’t, and are more difficult to work with. With the amount of options in each state we aren’t afraid to move on and just try to book the next course.

We also consider quality, we do have a few courses on the NH Schedule that although I wouldn’t consider them Dog tracks, they are also not the highest quality we play. That being said, they have been great to us since day 1 and loyalty goes a long way which is why these certain courses will always be on our schedule year after year.

This year has been especially difficult with covid and the amount of business these courses are getting. Normally, courses love having us, especially the times we tee off as that is when they start to slow down. This year, that just is not the case and numerous courses are booked from sun up to sun down, which is great for them. I know Ryan in Mass has ran into issues with the protocols and procedures of each course but is doing the best he can to give you guys a great schedule, and is currently working on booking the Ranch, lets hopse it works out.

Just be aware, we do our best to try to give everyone courses that our convenient to them. There will be years it feels like all events are close to you, and years you may have to travel a little bit to events. I believe the variety of the courses is what makes this league so special and obviously the people in it.

We appreciate all the players and I do get plenty of suggestions for courses and if anyone has any connections to courses just let us know and we will do our best to continue to expand and get some of the best courses around for you guys. This year has been awesome in both leagues as our numbers are growing every event and the prizes and sponsors continue to grow as well. Keep spreading the word and lets keep shooting our best.

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