the top 14 colony cup selections so far

Everyone wants to play it and be a part of a tradition unlike any other, but few can. The Colony Cup is for those who earn it. This year we have decided to ONLY take 16 players from each state. In order to be part of the team you must meet one of the following criteria.

Be in the top 14 of the season long championship

Have played in atleast 4 events and are a captains pick


Have played in atleast 1 event and are a captains pick

Here is who we currently have as our top 14

  • Chris Roussin
  • Todd Anderson
  • Rich Roussin
  • Dwayne Davis
  • Eric White
  • Mark Trembley
  • Willy Mungere
  • Cory Robinson
  • Tim Meisel
  • Scott Sheehan
  • Chuck Hobbs
  • Chris Hatem
  • Scott Smith
  • Chad Lawrence (Bubble boy)

Just on the outside looking in

  • Josh Klein 3 points Out
  • Jeremy Papadinis 10 Points Out
  • John Theriault 12 points out
  • Ben Edwards 13 points out
  • Corey Hayes 19 points out

As you can see, this is going to be a tough team to make this year. You must play your best throughout the season to earn your spot. Just so everyone is aware this event will be taking place the weekend of Oct 17-18th in what we plan on being Plymouth, MA.

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