Memorial Day Shootout Preview

Last weeks Champion Chris Roussin sets up to be the favorite going into week 2 with his steady play he has early in the season and being a member at Crotched gives the kid a clear home course advantage. Let’s see if he can take advantage but this weekend sets up for Chris to be the first back to back champ in LFG NH.

Cory Robinson who is just an athlete and plays to win the game with a successful first week will look to build on that momentum and take home the title. Cory strikes me as someone who will stay within himself and his game and knows what it takes to win.

John Theriault will be on his 4th round in 4 days and knows exactly how to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend the question is just how fatigued will he be after taking over 260 swings 3 days prior to the event. My guess is that fatigue will set in and Red will find his way at best in the middle of the pack. Prove me wrong.

Chris Hatem who arguably has one of the best swings on tour will be coming in and just getting 10 strokes. That is tough on this course and no knowledge of the course but if anyway can navigate their way through a course it is Chris Hatem.

Tim Meisel wants to bet on himself at 16-1 and who can blame him. Tim is a solid golfer and can easily take this down, the question is can he avoid a big number throughout the round. If he stays within himself and makes a few putts he could find himself in the winning circle.

Aaron Martin who is new to the game but fell in love with it right away like we all have will be out there trying to continue to improve. He is an athlete and the type of player I could see going from a 30 to a 20 by years end with a little dedication.

My prediction is that Rich Roussin takes this down, he has been begging for an event at Crotched for years, has finally got his wish. Rich is also getting a fair amount of strokes and on this course with his knowledge he will take full advantage of them, Let’s hope the LFG Prediction jinx continues.

Rich Roussin: 98/69 (Par 70)

In a special announcement, We have Tom Gibson Sr and and his son Tom Gibson playing with us. On Memorial day we feel it is only right to mention how thankful we are for all our servicemen that are currently and have served to help keep us safe and free. I know this hits home a little harder for those 2 as they had a hero in their family. Tim Gibson passed away while in service in 2005. Thank you so much for your service and paying the ultimate sacrifice. You truly are a real hero

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