The Impact Fire Open / Season Preview

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Finally, the time has come. What should be our 3rd event here in NH has turned into our opener due to the Corona virus. Eric White finally gets to get out there and defend his title. Eric played well all year last year and consistently found himself up top the leader board throughout the season. Even this early in the year we have to assume Eric will be in similar fashion as he was to round off the 19 season. Eric is a type of player who wont bring a ton a flash but he will hit fairways, get it up by the green and has a good enough short game to get up and down. When he does find trouble he does not compound the problem and understands his game and will usually make the right play to put bogey back in play. We anticipate another good season this year out of him but to defend his title again in 20 will be very difficult as he does have the bullseye on his back. 

It has been a pleasure to watch the improvement of Scotty Sheehan over the past 4 years. He came in out of softball, which is becoming the new norm…because one round of golf is quicker than 1 softball game and a 5 hour wait. Anyways, he came in at about a 15 cap and has slowly moved it up to an 8 and drives the ball an absolute mile, and now has learned touch around the greens and has become one of the best players on tour. Look out for Sheehan this year as I expect a good season from him. 

Chris Roussin who is my right hand man and helps me run all this has had ups and downs and has gone through a few club adjustments to find what suits his game best. Again, for a little guy he hits the ball a mile and just needs to find that consistency that we all do to take his game to the next level. He has the shots and passion to do it, just needs to dial in the irons a little bit more and give himself a few more birdie looks a round. Chris can easily move to a single digit cap this season as well and I would be surprised if he doesn’t 

Another underrated player on the tour has been Chuck Hobbs. When he shows, he seems to find a way to be right around the top 5. He comes in at about a 17 handicap and does hit the ball well off the tee and in general is able to get the ball in play and where he needs it to be. His short game is good enough to be able to eliminate the high numbers which is what the name of the game is. With travel restrictions this year it is very possible we will be seeing Chucks face more this year and with that happening he could find himself right in the mix for the season long championship. 

We have a lot of New players this year, some I know some I don’t a few have played a random event here and there but we would love to welcome, Evan Preisel, Jeremy Papadinis, Scott George, Tom Gibson, Billy Williams, Cory Robinson, The Hurley brothers Zack and Ethan, Dave homeruns for outs Wesson, Corey Hayes, Robert “Goober” Weinrich, and John Barlow. We are excited to have you and wish you the best of luck this season. 

Everyones favorite player will be back this year, Wilson Mungere who is always finagling an extra stroke from me anywhere he can get it won the final fall event of the season last year. He is another player who knows his game and plays to his strengths. We expect a big year from Wilson and I could see him having a strong finish in this opener. 

The Mass Nemesis Connor Shaw who is won zero events last year but is one of the bigger sandbaggers on the tour will be teeing it up again come saturday. By the sounds of it he should be a low 80’s player out of nowhere but we are excited to see just how good his game got….or did not get. 

John Theriault who flat our said F the golf course restrictions and found a way to golf every weekend with most of those being in NH should be in better form than most of us. He is another player who has been fun to watch improve over the last 5 years. I think he has yet to miss an event in those 5 years and his handicap has gone up from what started at about a 19 so what is now a 12. We expect more improvement throghout this season as well and we know he will be right around the top come the end of the season. 

We are thrilled to be getting out there this weekend and are looking forward to seeing everyone in a socially distancing save environment. Obviously for the foreseeable future our normal event day procedures will be different than what we are used to, and its unfortunate as the the end of the round recap is something we look forward too. Either way, we are glad just to be back out on the course and competing. 


Presidents Prediction: Zack Hurley 85/70


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