Will walking become the new norm after the virus


Crazy thing is happening during this virus, lazy people are walking golf courses. It is unprecedented and I never thought I would say this but will walking become more common in golfs future. Push Cart sales are up almost 800% over the last 3 months or some astronomical number I read somewhere and players are finding an enjoyment in walking. Yes, It is a workout and there are just some courses that you would never walk but there are quite a few walk able courses out there and I can see a future that players will be hesitant to share carts, although taking your own cart does sound like a nice option. I have been able to recently walk a few courses and have really enjoyed it. I find the pace to be perfect and that I am able to focus on just my game and what I need to do to shoot well. I do have a feeling that walking will become more of a mainstay for the future of golf. Maybe a good time to invest in electric push carts. 


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