LFG To offer up some new golf services.

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Quick heads up to everyone out there. I know Ryan has discussed it while going live and we just want to let everyone know that now both our states will now be offering club fixing and modification services. We will be able to put on new grips, fix shafts, put on new shafts and heads and the overall basic services that all of us will need. We will continue to expand the services as necessary and will always do our best to satisfy the customer. If you are looking for somewhere to get your clubs taken care of, look no further than Live Free. We will offer you the best deal and service from a friend that you can get. You can contact Ryan McElhinney in Mass at Livefreegolfma@gmail.com or Chris Roussin if you are in New Hampshire. They both have the passion for golf that is like no other and will take great pride in making your clubs the best they can be to improve your game. 

We are also looking at the possibility of consulting for all those who are looking to run charity tournaments. We have now been running tournaments for 5 years and have a good understanding of what it takes to run a successful Tournament. We have the connections with the courses and as long as you are able to find the players and sponsors, let us take care of the rest and let’s raise some money for your favorite charities, teams or cause. If you are interested in finding out more or discussing having a tournament this summer please reach out at Chad@livefreegolf.com. 

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