Get to know LFG Player Joe Forbush


Joe Forbush (Left) playing golf in Cali

Name: Joe Forbush

Hometown: Currently Boston

Handicap: 12

Years in LFG: 2

Years Golfing: 30

Favorite part of LFG: Laid back players in the league make the events enjoyable no matter how you play. Also love that there’s a low gross and low net—giving everyone a chance.

Favorite Course: Tough one. Prolly Mill Creek in Mebane NC. Payne Stewart’s caddie lives on the course and it’s country AF but the golf is strong. Raleigh NC is a highly under rated golf destination, FYI.  

LFG Champ: No

Most memorable golf story: On my last trip to Vegas I played Chimera CC down by the lake and was paired up with 3 older Asian gents. They were wonderful and fun and great players. And then on the 12th fairway they whipped out three Tupperware’s of different sushi’s and we feasted in the middle of the round. It was bizarre but terrific.

Favorite Club: Cleveland 52 GW

Worst Golf Memory: Playing MacDill Bay Palms South with my dad and uncle as a 16 year old kid. Clipped a seagull mid flight off the tee on the back 9, and it wasn’t dead. Then watched my uncle euthanize it by holding it under shallow water to drown it slowly. I can still see the gull’s face and eyes looking up at us.

Part of the game to fix: All of it. It all suffers week in and week out. 

Rounds Per Month: 7 or more. 


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