Get to know LFG Player and Mass President, Ryan McElhinney


Name: Ryan McElhinney

Hometown: Bridgewater, Ma

Handicap: 6

Years in LFG: 2, he started this shit in Ma. 

Years Golfing: 14 years, give or take a couple

What do you enjoy about LFG: LOVE seeing the guys every event, watching everyone improve week in & week out. Couple beers with the boys after the round is my favorite part!

Favorite Course: Wickenburg Ranch, Phoenix Az. 

LFG Event Champion: No 

Most memorable golf story: My favorite story involving golf is… 2 guys sneak into line @ the 16th hole @ the wastey… Jamie Ahlgren & Dustin Arruda can tell the rest. Unreal day.

Perfect foursome, Kevin Kisner, Tiger Woods, Rory Mcelroy. Obviously there would be many cocktails shared. 

Worst golf memory: Playing a match with 3 other guys, kid hits a ball out of a bunker into the woods, gets pissed we didn’t watch his ball, walks off on the 13th hole. Doesn’t say bye, not a word, just walks away. Weird AF.

Favorite club: 2 Iron

Part of the game to fix: Driver, driver, driver. Need to get the ball with a driver off the tee in play. I’ll be working on that for the next 40 years or so. 😂

Rounds per month: 7 or more




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