Cops show up to Stonebridge CC, who should have been closed, To remove players


Yesterday which was the first official day that courses were forced to shut down due to covid concerns. Mostly all the courses obeyed the order and are willing to do their part with flattening the curve whether or not they agree. That is, all but one. Stonebridge CC decided to say screw it and open up anyways. I was shocked to see a fb post on Friday night after I finished a round there proclaiming they were open. I ran into a customer shopping on Sat, who informed me he had a tee time for Stonebridge later in the afternoon, (Using good social distancing) I warned him to call as there was no way they were open….I was wrong. 

A few friends of ours did go out to enjoy the round at one of the few courses in the state we could play at. Stonebridge was taken all precautions with Pool noodles in the holes, single rider carts, and all the same precautions all courses were taken. 

I have not gotten all the details yet but at some point local cops had to arrive at Stonebridge to remove all players from the course. I am unsure if they had to venture onto the course as I can imagine some players were not willing to go, I am also looking into seeing if players were refunded for their rounds. 

This is just such a bad move by Stonebridge staying open while almost every other course closes. I think every course would love to be open right now and understand golf can be played safety but after the governors orders to shut down, companies must obey. I was already upset with certain ways Stonebridge had treated our league last year and was not planning on going back and yet again they show that they only care about themselves and the bottom line after having players feel the embarrassment of having cops arrive to force them to stop their round. 

I was just informed the cops arrived around 3:00 and informed the pro shop to get all players on the course immediately. Stonebridge took the players names for future rounds. 

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