Shells wonderful world of Golf matches on the Golf Channel are a must watch


The Golf Channel much like every other sports channel has no real idea what to do or what to air. They have started playing old heads up matches from the 90’s that are incredible to watch. Yesterday I got to witness a Jack and Arnie heads up match that Jack took down by a few strokes. Also on the docket was a match between Sergio and Phil in Mexico that was also a gem. 

We had that Tiger and Phil heads up match last year and it was captivating. PGA or the players need to find a way to AIR some heads up matches that we can watch. It should not be an issue to put 2 players and a camera out there and air it on the golf channel, or even a youtube channel. Figure out a way to do it, we need some sort of sports, and golf seems like it could start up sooner than other sports. 

Enjoy these highlights from the Nicklaus, Snead match. So fun being able to watch these guys play. 


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