LFG Coronavirus update

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Just want to give an update on where we stand currently with what is happening with this damn virus. We are in a position where no decision needs to be made anytime in the near future and we are able to wait a bit before we do anything. We are very confident none of our events will be altered by what is happening but a lot can change over the next 3 weeks. I would anticipate that if there are any changes in our events it would be geared more towards our post round 19th hole get togethers and trying to eliminate close contact among all the players. We all know that being outside is a good thing for us and that the sun kills the virus, also that you would only be with 4 people throughout the round and other than your cart partner, in general are not in close proximity with many others. 

We will continue to monitor what is happening and use advice we are getting from the experts but I anticipate all of our events will go on and we will have no issues. That being said, we also understand that right now on the list of importance where our events are is way down on that list.  Everyone’s top priority should be your own and your family’s health.  We will not do anything that would be deemed reckless or stupid to put anyone in danger.  Just please be safe out there, wash your hands, stay away from others if you feel at all under the weather and try to use that Societal Separation or whatever the hell everyone is calling it and if possible just stay home for a bit until this thing subsides. 


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  • Looking forward to getting outside to play golf,this league is a new challenge for me and looking forward to a great time.everyone take and stay healthy


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