If you ever Purchase a stand alone putter…you are not welcomed in our league

Stumbled across this infomercial the other day and wondered who the hell would buy this thing. Imagine just setting up your putter, walking behind your floating putter and then stepping up and missing your putt. You look like a real asshole when you do that. While I was looking for this infomercial on youtube, it turns out a version of the standalone putter was created in the 90s but some NASA engineer who loved space and golf. I could see Johnny Red making a purchase like this, as he is not opposed to trying anything at this point for his putting woes, he may be onto some sort of putting hypnosis soon, who knows. 

Anyway, if any of you show up to an event and pull this out, please expect to be laughed at and ridiculed. I at times, may have a “Chipper” in my bag and that is a borderline outrageous club to pull out. Apparently the stand alone putter is a completely legal club to use by USGA standards, but much like the sport of baseball golf has some unwritten rules and one of those is in fact that you should never use any clubs that do not require your own strength to hold it up. 


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