Matt Every Suspended 12 weeks for smoking the dope


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Matt Every was suspended for 12 weeks Friday for what the PGA Tour said was a violation of its conduct policy on drugs of abuse. Every said it was legal prescription for cannabis to treat mental health. 

“To be clear, I tested positive for cannabis, a drug I do not abuse and a drug that I have a legal prescription for in the state of Florida,” Every said in a statement.

It is absolutely ridiculous that the World Anti Doping Agency claims that Marijuana is a performance enhancing drug. There is no proof that it helps you at all, there is a chance it may help your focus during the round, but I would be willing Matt Every isn’t smoking a J while out there in front of thousands of fans watching him although I guess it is very possible hes eating some edibles. Either way just insane to suspend someone 12 weeks for something that is now legal in most areas. 

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