Bio Kim gets 3 year suspension from Korean Tour for flipping off a fan.


According to the AFP, Bio Kim flipped off the crowd and slammed his club in frustration after hearing a fan’s cell phone go off while he hit a shot on the 16th hole. Kim held a one-shot lead at the time and wound up winning for his second KPGA title of the season. After, he apologized for his outburst. Apparently, it wasn’t enough to keep the tour’s governing body from issuing a stiff punishment.

Just an unreal Punishment here, 3 years is so outrageous. This poor guys career is over just because he aggressively flipped someone off. I can honestly say, I  have not actually flipped anyone off with intent but if I did I would want it to go how Bio Kim’s experience went. I somehow hope this can be appealed and he turned around to about a 1 month suspension. Doubtful though. 


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