2019 Colony Cup Day 1 Recap


Yesterday was an absolute perfect day of golf for the boys and Canterbury was in some of the best shape we have ever seen it in. Currently NH holds a 14-10 lead, today there will be 32 single matches and a ton of points up for grabs so it’s still wide open for both states to take the Cup down. 

Here are some highlights from yesterday

Connor Shaw and Josh Klein go 3-0 to lead team NH. Connor played lights out all day and has found his long lost driver on his way to a 43 back to lead the way. 

Ben Edwards and Scott Sheehan take 2.5 from Mass top Player John Snead and partner Ed Altman. John is an insane golfer, the handicaps make it tough for those top guys. Let’s see if he can bounce back today. 

Lawrence/Blair Halve the first 18 with McElhinney/Arruda and steal 1 point in the alternate shot after being down 3 with just 4 holes left. 

Jeff Keyes and Jamie Cicero go 3-0 vs the Mungere/Hartson group. When asked how the round went Hartson responded “Willy and I, were the real MVP’S for Mass today” 

On a side note, the Jeff Keyes group shot a 31 in Alternate shot including a birdie, Eagle, Birdie start. Just an unreal side in alternate shot, so congrats and keep shooting great. 

Check out the rest of the results here. 

2 Man Scramble Results

Screenshot 2019-09-29 at 7.47.14 AM

Best Ball Results 

Screenshot 2019-09-29 at 7.49.56 AM

Alternate shot results

Screenshot 2019-09-29 at 7.52.12 AM

We have some fancy shit. Goodluck to everyone today and shoot your best.

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