Team New Hampshire Announces Ryder Cup Captains and most of team.

With the Ryder cup vs Team Mass only being 6 weeks away it is time to prep our team and announce what the plan for Team NH is this year. Team NH has decided that we will go with Chris Roussin as our captain this year. Chris has proven last year that he is very capable of leading a team through the grind of the Ryder cup as he was able to lead his squad last year in the NH Ryder cup. Chris is also fortunate to be named the captain as he did fall just outside the cut line to be a guaranteed member of the team. Chris was our bubble guy as he is currently 14th in the standings. Chris has decided to go with another Loyal LFG Player John Theriault on as his Assistant Captain. John brings the fire and shit talk that team NH will need in order to get into our rivals head as much as possible, prior too and during the event. 

Here is the rest of our squad to date. We will also be selecting 2 more players within the next few weeks to round up the rest of the squad. 

  • Chris Roussin (Captain)
  • John Theriault (Assistant Captain)
  • Eric White
  • Scott Sheehan
  • Ben Edwards
  • Pat Blair
  • Rich Roussin
  • Chuck Hobbs
  • Tom Boland
  • Dwayne Davis
  • Scott Smith
  • Chad Lawrence 
  • Wilson Mungere
  • Corey Hartson 

(2 more captains picks still available)

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