LFG’S Plan for the fall wrap around season


So I have been asked quite a few times what our plan is for the fall? Well, this year  will be different than anything we have done in the past. In prior years we just ran a few more regular season events and usually ended in the middle/end of October. We have been fortunate with the weather, but it only takes one bad storm in October to ruin our season. For that reason, plus with football we decided to finish the season earlier and have now set up the Championships for Sept 8th. 

That leaves us quite a bit of time and with the Ryder cup in late Sept we feel it will be best to try to keep the players as active as possible. For that reason, in New Hampshire we will be doing a fall wrap around season until late October. These events will be a little different than what we have done as we want to explore some different styles that we could potentially implement going forward. Expect some team events, points quota games and other style games during the events. We want to try to get as many winners as we can and create as much competition as possible. That being said, we will have points just like we do in the regular season but obviously worth less that what we normally give, all points rewarded during the fall will be your staring position as we enter the 2020 season.


I would guess we will try to do roughly 4-6 events throughout the fall, and have some Saturday events as well.

Our next event is what is the most important one right now as there are several players still in contention for this years title and you can cut the tension with a knife. 


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