Bryson “Slow play” Dechambeau was on the Fore Play podcast today and brought up some good points


So for those who listen to the Barstool Fore Play podcast were able to get a really candid interview today with notorious slow player Bryson Dechambeau who brought up some good points acknowledging that he knows he can be a slow player at times but also states that the PGA Tour does very little to him to really change what he is doing. He also stated that although it may seem as if he is the slowest player out there, he more often than not out drives his playing partners and is the first to his ball as he would win a speed walk race if there was on. He feels as if although certain shots throughout the round do take longer than others that if you are able to time each player per hole from Tee to Flag that he would be right there with the average player. I do not want to get into the full depth of the interview as there was a lot to digest. Slow play is becoming quite the issue in golf from the Pro’s and to the Amateurs. If you are able to listen to this podcast and interview I highly suggest you do. 

Listen to the Podcast here if you want.

Bryson Dechambeau on Fore Play

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