6 year old dies after her father hits her with a shot

MTD6RJYXQJDTTLYN7IYP6NH57UA Utah family is mourning the tragic death of a 6-year-old girl who died this week after her father accidentally struck her with a golf ball.


Authorities said the freak accident happened Monday morning when the father and daughter were golfing at Sleepy Ridge GolfCourse in Orem. She was standing in a golf cart about 20 yards from her father when the ball hit the back of her head, according to police.

She was flown to a Salt Lake City hospital, where she died that evening.


Just an incredibly sad story out in Utah as a 6 year old girl who was out for a ride along with her dad while he golfed ended in tragedy as she was struck with an errant shot on the side of the temple. 

I could not imagine how this father feels, and must hate the game of golf for what he is currently experiencing and unfortunately will have to be reminded of throughout the rest of his life. A lot of us are in this situation quite a bit as we golf and bring our young ones. Just always be as safe as possible, as I have seen many of us shoot, no one is safe, so always have your little ones behind you as best you can. 

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