If a stranger from the internet ever invites you to golf, always say yes.

With a massive online presence much like I have, with now almost 450 instagram and 48 twitter followers, you will inevitably have some fans who want to meet. During my top 5 holes in the state post I had a twitter follower recommend the 14th hole at Portsmouth which I had never played and let him know that was why it did not make the list. We chatted for a few minutes and he invited me out to a round at Portsmouth if I had the chance. Time passed, and not much happened until about 2 weeks ago when the fan again reached out and gave me some dates and options and we decided July 5th should work. He made the tee time a week ago and we were good to go. He let me know he made it for 4 people and to bring out a few guys. 

This is where things get good, I reach out to Johnny Red to see if he has any interest in golfing with a stranger from the internet, and due to Golf being the adult version of candy, there was no way he could say no. So as he is asking me a little more info I told him it was a golfer named Chris Hatem who invited us, and red quickly asked me where he grew up? I did not know, thought maybe the seabrook area but it turned out that Chris grew up right in Manchester, went to west and was one of Johns friends who have not been in touch since 92, when they were in High School. These 2 were thrilled to get together to play and in Johnny Red style they 2 started talking shit immediately. 

I have made a lot of really good friends through running this league and am fortunate to have done so. Golf really does bring a lot of people together and Chris reached out after explaining how if not for this league the 2 would have never crossed paths and will now be able to become golfing partners for years to come. It was a pretty good feeling to have that happen and I truly do appreciate each and every event I have and all those who come out to golf. 

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