Today was Handicap Revision day, and…almost no one got better.

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So just as sure as the sun will rise, the 1st and the 15th of the month brings our new and exciting handicap change and always good to see if we have improved or our game has worsen. Personally, for the last 2 years my game has been steadily improving. Over the first 3 months of this season though I have been trending in the wrong direction. 

Today, while I was updating the tournament on Golf Genius to update everyone’s handicap. I noticed that almost every player with the exception of 1 had their handicaps rise. Most, not dramatically and only a couple tenths of points. Few guys went down 1/2 a stroke, but it just goes to show you how tough golf is and that it is a humbling game. 

The only player I saw improve was Johnny Red who went from a 14.5 to a 13.8. I have the pleasure of playing with him, and he has shown some serious improvement, not only this year but great progression over the last 3 years, although he continues to not be able to see a thing and is the worst at tracking at his own shots. 

I know this is not everyone and only the players that we have currently registered for our next NH Event. but it was still interesting to see. For those other players who I did not see improve on their GHIN, Congrats and keep swinging it well. 

Golf is one of the greatest games I have ever had the privilege to play and what makes it so great is that no matter your ability, you can never be perfect in this game. So whether you went, up or down this past revision just keep going out, loving the game and shoot your best. 


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