Steph Curry’s new show Holey Moley looks so bad…that maybe it’s good

Huge day Thursday as Steph Curry will be premiering his new show Holy Moley which will put 2 golfers together for an intense round of some sort of Mini golf/Obstacle course. I have absolutely no idea how any of this will work or what it will actually be. All I know is that it is unreal how easy it is for anyone of any celebrity status to be able to get a show on T.V No matter how good or bad it is. I would be lying to you if I told you I did not have 7 better golf reality TV shows that should currently be on but apparently I do not have the connections to make it work and here come little ol Steph to just put on a stupid mini golf show and get it on a premiere network. Honestly though, I am oddly excited to watch the show. This show does also have Rob Riggle which alone makes it worthy of watching. 


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