Predictions and analysis for a Major LFG Day tomorrow.


As yound kids, we all dreamed of being so athletic and such a prestigious golfer that you would one day get a chance to play in a Major. Well, tomorrow is that chance. Granted for most of us we are not that athletic or by any means a prestigious golfer we once dreamed but we at least are able to get out and share a fun competitive round with friends while hoping to break 100. 

Mass will be at one of the Top Courses in Mass and has a field of 33 players that will take over Kettlebrook Country Club, in Paxton, MA. The Altman family of Ben and Ed look to continue their early dominance on the course, and stay on the top of the season long standings. They have played some good rounds, and tomorrow I would expect nothing less as these 2 have proven they can not only handle the pressure but thrive in it. Pat Young who sees a big field as nothing but just more people to beat as he ousted 60 other players in this years opening event at Redtail CC and tomorrow should see Pat Young on page 1 of the leaderboard, as long as their only is 1 page. The Mass President Ryan McElhinney got a good practice round in today and continues to play better as the season goes on and tomorrow will for sure be in contention. He knows and loves the course, and has a good strategy for tomorrow. Let’s see how it pays off. 

Tomorrow is going to be a great day for those Mass Folk, and may the man who plays his best round win this event. 

More importantly, Congratulations to Jamie Ahlgren on the birth of his Beautiful Baby Girl, Lennox Grace. She looks perfect! 

My Prediction: John Sneade


New Hampshire will be back to reliable Canterbury Woods, which rumor has it, is in phenomal shape. Dwayne Davis has taken over the Season Long Standings, but has Scott Sheehan, and Ben Edwards nipping at his heels. Tomorrow is looking at 28 players who want to claim the first ever LFG Major event. We have several players who are accustom to some intense playoff, and Ryder Cup atmospheres and should be able to handle whats at stake tomorrow. We also have several players who absolutely melt when they sense any pressure (Myself) and I expect that I do that again and am not even close to being in contention come days end. Chuck Hobbs is back in the field after a 4th place and a win in May which earned him Player of the Month Honors. Chuck is playing some good golf right now and not that im a Gambling man, but would be willing to bet on a top 10 finish. If he is able to make a few putts through the round could easily be the winner. 

With NH Taking just your top 4 results into the playoffs tomorrow will create a bit more of a shakeup as some of our players will be able to start dropping some of their poor results. That being said, players who have not yet played their 4 will also be able to make some big jumps in the standings and start to even things out. It will be a great day for golf and as always, the way to win is just to shoot your best. 

,My Prediction: Joe Forbush

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