Johnny “Red” Theriault breaks 80 and fires 78 at NCC


Well, just like that Hell froze over today folks as one of my favorite people Johnny Red fired a 78 and finally accomplished a huge goal of his and broke 80.  For those of you that don’t know Johnny Red is one of my best golf friends and from Apil-October we are in constant contact and through the winter do not speak a word other than the occasional losing advice on sports bets for football. It was such a pleasant surprise to check my phone today after having not looked at it for a while and see this picture and sense the excitement he had today after shooting his best score in his life. He played the tips at Nashua today, which for those of you who know is not a super long course but a golf course that none the less requires shot making and a good short game to be able to get up and down from the greenside rough and bunkers.

One of the best things about this league and golf in general is that even though we go out to beat each other and compete, we always root for a competitor to shoot well and play a great round when they are out there with us.  If you are going to lose to a man, lose to him when he plays his best. Johnny is a perfect example as I have played rounds with him where he struggles to keep it to double digits, but I have also seen him shoot an 80 and have it all together. That my friend is golf, and if deep down you aren’t pulling for players to achieve their personal best, then your in the wrong game. Congrats to Johnny on an amazing round today and make sure your frame that scorecard man. Put it right next to that card that has your ACE on it that I witnesse. Keep it up and go out and win this next event please!! #Shootyourbest

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