John Daly Gets to use Cart for PGA Championship at Bethpage


John Daly, the epitome of Health will get to ride a cart next week at the PGA Championship

Well next week the PGA Championship will cruise on in to Bethpage and for the first time since Casey Martin in 2012 will there be a player riding in a cart. John Daly was allowed the privilege to take a cart due to the rough terrain at Bethpage and his current knee issues. Daly spoke on Foreplay last week and had just found out the decision and was obviously excited. There have been mixed reviews about the decision from those in the golf world who think it will just create quite a side show. I think who the fuck cares, the fans love to watch John Daly play and I for one am fired up to see him on a cart. I think the PGA Should adapt and understand the grind of 4 days of walking and allow players to take cart 1 round out of the 4, it would add another level of strategy as to when to take the cart and just make the game of golf a little more interesting. 



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