2019 Impact Fire Open Preview and Format.

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3 more days until the 2019 Live Free Golf season gets underway and what an event we open up with. 64 Golfers will take Red Tail country club by storm in search of the ever coveted Impact Fire Flame Trophy. This will be the first ever 2 state event that LFG has ever hosted as the league newly expanded into Mass and could not be more excited to welcome our friendly neighbors from the south. Mass brings some talented and many not talented golfers to this event which will get their first real taste of the nerves and anxiety of competing in an LFG Event. 

Location: Red Tail Country Club

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Red tail is one of the most gorgeous courses in all the Northeast and for many of our players will be their first time experiencing the track. I am way to lazy to help you get through it, but I do suggest for almost everyone that you do go on the Red Tail website and go to their hole by hole preview to get a feel for the course and come up with a game plan to execute in order to shoot your best. The course is truly an amazing track with the greens always rolling nicely and at about an 11 on the Stimp. You can play to certain areas of the greens and let the ball funnel towards the hole but beware if you miss your target as that will always lead to a longer putt for yourself. The weather looks to be great, the course is amazing and it’s fucking Spring. LFG!!!!!

This event is wide open and will set the tone for whoever wins this to already put themselves in a good spot for the rest of the season. The new points system this year, although the same system as last year minus one 0 at the end of numbers should really be a game changer. I like to use cliche lines to describe who will win this event and I am normally correct. That being said, whoever can keep the ball in play, manage their game with their handicap and make some Putts should prevail here. With this being the first event, I expect some not sharp golf throughout the round with players missing their target lines and spraying the ball a little bit, which we do with the best of the them when our games our at peak in Mid Summer. 

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No one stands out as a clear front runner but here are some players who I think if play to their potential should be right there in contention come Sunday Afternoon. Chris Roussin who was the 2018 LFG NH Champion stands out to be a guy who you would think will post a good number, but as a first time out and having some new wedges could slow him down early on the season. I expect Chris to shoot a good score, but not a great score. His game is like a fine wine and gets better as the summer goes, My prediction for Chris is 89/77 which will be good enough for a top 20 finish, but not good enough for victory. another player to keep your eye on last years 3rd place finisher John Theriault who is not just sponsoring this event but also competing in it. Johnny who installed a simulator into his garage all year has been swinging all winter and has taken every chance he has gotten to get a round in inside and is perhaps the most ready for this event and with preparation, and if he can make a few putts could easily shoot himself to a championship. 91/73.

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Massachusetts have some great golfers who are coming in to showcase their talent and show us whats up. Top on the list is Rory McCormack who just sounds like he should be and probably is a phenomenal golfer. Rory who is coming in as a 22 cap just needs to play within himself and play bogey golf to take him this event. Can he handle the pressure? is he ready for the atmosphere? So many questions that will be answered this weekend. My Prediction 90/68…but will that be good enough to win. 

Ryan McElhinney, your fearless leader. How good is he?? whats his game all about?? Have to assume the dude is going to hit the ball a mile but still manages to have some touch around the greens. We are all excited to see what he brings to the table on the track, but as a guy who can run a league hes one of the best. Can’t wait to see if it translates to his game. My Prediction: 88/76

As far as the format which many people have asked me how this is all going to work. As a terrible writer let me try my best to explain it all. The event will be played as 1 big event which will obviously have a 1-64 finish. After the event, the finishes will then be divided by the state to distribute the points for our season long race. For example a Player could come in 5th in the overall event but if he is the highest ranked NH Player he will receive the 100 points for the season. If that doesn’t make sense, you will figure it out eventually. 

This is going to be an epic day of golf and fun and I could not be more thankful to our returning members and the new guys from Mass this year. It is going to be a great season. 

My top 10 Finish: 

  1. Dustin Arruda: 89/67
  2. Rory McCormack 90/68
  3. Scott Sheehan 87/68
  4. Pat Young 96/68
  5. Pat Blair 92/69
  6. Paul Micali 101/70
  7. Ryan Bailageron 82/70
  8. Dan Lacourse 88/71
  9. Jamie Ahlgren 103/71
  10. Chris Martinez 105/72

Good luck to everyone and see you guys Sunday! 

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