After 1 round I am an expert on whether to keep the pin in or not

Image result for keeping pin in or not golf

So we finally got some golf here in 2019. Johnny Red and I made the trip to Bridgewater, Ma to play the beautiful Olde Scotland Links. I do not want to discuss what my score was as I went for the sole reason of finding out an answer to the old Pin dilemma of 2019. 

There was only 2 of us, but once players are in agreement of normal pin Protocol I think it will be a small improvement to the speed of play. Most putts over 15 feet will probably be made with the pin in, once you are inside of that you will choose, but at that point all players are close enough to make it easy to take the pin out or not. I did find it slightly easier to Putt as I made 2 out of 10 from outside 6 feet as opposed to the normal 1-10 I make. 

Anyways, the season is starting soon and it will be fun and interesting to see what people decide on. From a pure laziness standpoint, I think we all should just leave it in almost all the time.

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