March Countdowns, Top 5 holes in the state

Over the next month I will be doing a few countdowns on some of the best holes and courses plus whatever the hell else I can think of. Our first installment of this is going to talk about what I believe to be the top 5 holes in the state. Keep in mind, I have not played all courses in the state…yet. Hopefully we can stir up some conversation and get some input as to some holes that will inevitably not be on the list. 

#5 Canterbury Woods #11  180 YARD PAR 3 

This Picturesque par 3 is a challenge for all golfers that comes right after a scorable par 5 and hopefully this Par 3 does not ruin a good start on the back. This hole is a fun whole to play and a huge challenging green makes a 2 putt even a tough task if you do not hit the right section of the greens, and remember, everything breaks towards the highway. I think what makes this hole so interesting is the thought that needs to go into the shot with the elevation change, and the wind which can make this 180 shot play more like a 155. 

What are the odds a drunken idiot took a driver and hit one on the highway here? 



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