Sergio Garcia Disqualified from Saudi events for damaging greens

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Sergio Garcia was disqualified from the Saudi International because of “serious misconduct” on Saturday.

Garcia was accused by fellow players of purposefully hitting his clubs into the surface of the greens causing damage. Garcia posted a 1-over 71 in the third round, but was ultimately disqualified by the European Tour via Rule 1.2a.

This is how the USGA explains Rule 1.2a, which relates to player conduct, under the new Rules of Golf:

  • It declares that players are expected to play in the spirit of the game by acting with integrity, showing consideration to others and taking good care of the course.
  • It unequivocally states the Committee’s authority to disqualify a player for any serious misconduct that is contrary to the spirit of the game.
  • In place of the unclear previous concept of “breach of etiquette”, it uses the more direct and stronger phrases “misconduct” and “serious misconduct.”

Well, thats bad news out of Saudi Arabia as Sergio Garcia was DQ’d from an event for intentionally damaging the greens. They are new greens they have at this event and many pros including Dustin Johnson and Justin Rose also had tough times putting and showed frustration as well. Anyways just an absolute squid move from Sergio here, you are a damn professional and you need to act like it. I am sick of golfers being babies on the course. You get to play golf for a living and that is something any of us would give almost anything for and you just act like a loser and ruin greens. Grow up! 

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