The golfer who shot 93-105 at a event bought a Golf Channel commercial to promote his LPGA pro-am appearance

You may remember the infamous tale of Julio “La Maquina” Bell from last winter. Playing in the Tour’s Club Colombia Championship on a sponsor’s exemption, the then-52-year-old fired rounds of 93 and 105 at Bogota Country Club. For those of you keeping score at home, that would be 56-over par. How Bell found his way into the tournament garnered its share of controversy, with players and caddies grumbling at the perceived circus act.

So one can only imagine what they think of this. “This” being a commercial on the Golf Channel promoting Bell’s appearance at the LPGA Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions.

Bell is playing in the pro-am portion of the event, teaming up with LPGA star Marina Alex and NFL All-Pro Patrick Peterson. Because he is listed as an amateur, his name does not appear on the celebrity leaderboard. Bell is a former boxer who took up golf just five years ago, and currently trains out of the Joey D Golf Sports Training Center in Jupiter. According to a local Columbian newspaper, Bell is able to chase his golf dream thanks to investments and his Columbian business he shares with his wife.

So quick recap, Julio “La Maquina” Bell bought his way onto a tour, shot like shit, somehow got invited/Bought his way into an LPGA Pro-am and will not be part of the real leaderboard. Once he realized he would be the main attraction at this event, he decided to film a commercial of himself. 
Absolute power move here by Julio, although these events are treating him like the little brother that we let play but nothing he does actually counts. Either way though, your money spends the same. This commercial is pretty badass though, and LFG Is looking into the possibility of making one with just a slightly less budget. 

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