Live Free Golf New Hampshire releases tentative schedule


Here is the tentative Schedule for LFG NH. Many who have played in our league know I try to finalize the schedule prior to the beginning of March, but here are the dates we would like to try to stay with as best we can. We are finishing much earlier this year which will give us more time for makeups  if needed to make sure we complete our season and get all events in.  It is our plan to finish the season in September and have some enjoyable fall events throughout October. We will also have to plan our NH VS NH Ryder cup event that we all enjoyed last year.

That weekend of June 22nd, 23rd we are trying to plan a trip down to CT to watch a day of the travelers golf tournament, followed up by a stay at foxwoods resort and finished off the next morning with an LFG Event in CT Before heading back home. 


Regular Season:

Sunday April 7th: 

Sunday April 21st:  

Sunday April 28th: 

Sunday May 12th:

Sunday June 9th: (Major event worth 1.5X Points)

June 22nd, 23rd: Trip to CT for Travelers PGA TOUR event, and LFG Event, Or LFG NH Event.

Sunday July 7th 

Sunday July 21st: (Major event worth 1.5X points)


Sunday August 4th: 

Sunday August 18th: 

Sunday: September 8th: (Championship)

Live Free Golf New Hampshire vs Massachusetts Live Free Cup event

October 5th, 6th  Host State: New Hampshire


**Dates are subject to change with notice**

**Tee time and locations will be updated prior to the season**

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