Tim Woodger came an inch away from a hole in one.


Tim Woodgers tee shot on hole 17 at Apple Hill CC on New Years, the ball was in fact to good for its home. 

So, on a casual New Years round of golf with the boys we decided to have a little Closest to the pin challenge for a whopping $1.00 a person. I step up and take aim and put it to 7 feet and with the way my playing partners had played to this point felt real confident that I would be walking away from this hole $2.00 richer. Pat Blair steps up and shanks one right into some woods and perhaps off some sort of shed that was in said woods. Next up Tim Woodger, with ice in his veins and the eye of the Tiger stares down the pin and takes his swing. Hits a high lofted shot that is heading directly towards the flag. Pat and Tim both know it’s good while it’s soaring through the air, I simply state, “that’s short.” The ball lands, and damn does it look good but we have all hit shots we thought looked good only to find it 20 feet away. Needless to say when we walk through the ice and near the green the ball is a tap in away and upon further inpection just look at how damn close it was to going in on the fly. 

Great shot Tim, and don’t spend all that money at one place. 

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